RCTC Educational Technology



A variety of software is used on campus for multiple purposes.

Communicating, creating documents or presentations and campus procedures may require knowledge of software capabilities.c

Navigating the Training

The training on this page is separated by Microsoft Office and Other.

Microsoft Office includes Word, Powerpoint, Outlook and Excel.

The "Other" category provides instructional videos concerning all other software.


Lynda.com is also a great resource for the learning how to use different kinds of software.

Check out their website for in-depth training on MS Office, Adobe programs and more:

Outlook 2010: Basic Functions

Access the basic functions of MS Outlook 2010 (vs. Outlook 2007).

Powerpoint 2010: Ribbon and Menu Tabs

Overview of menu tabs and customizing the MS Office Ribbon.

Powerpoint 2010: Insert Picture

Insert, enhance and edit a picture in Powerpoint.

Word 2010 Changes

A summary of the changes introduced in MS Word 2012.

Powerpoint: Insert Video

How to embed a youtube video in a powerpoint presentation.

Excel 2010: add Y axis

Learn how to add a second Y axis to an Excel chart.

Powerpoint 2010: Continuous Show

Set up, time, and record your powerpoint into a continuous show.

Powerpoint 2010: Slide Timing

This video describes how you can change the timing of a Powerpoint slide.

Powerpoint 2010: Export Slide

Extract a slide from Powerpoint, and save in a different format, such as JPG.

Powerpoint 2010: Add Slide to Timed Presentation

This video shows how to add a slide to a timed presentation, and how to adjust the timing.

Powerpoint 2010: Photo Background

Learn how to add a photograph as a background to your Powerpoint presentation.

Outlook Email Basics

This demonstration will show you the basics on using your Outlook email.

Outlook Email: Calendar Scheduling

This is a demonstration on how to create a meeting request in Outlook.

Outlook Email: Distribution List

Access your contacts and create a distribution list.

Powerpoint 2010: Compressing Picturesn

A short demonstration on compressing pictures in a Powerpoint presentation.

Overdrive Transfer Functions

The basic transfer functions of Overdrive, the audio book software used by libraries.

Add Video to PDF

This video explains how to add a video file to a pdf.

Network Drives

How to access your network drives when logged onto a campus computer.