RCTC Educational Technology



From hardware to web services and more, this section covers a variety of training.

Navigating the Training

The training on this page is a broad set.

If you are not looking for something in particular, browsing or searching should help you.

Be sure to check out the links below as well. They provide different approaches and types of education.


The following links provide access to different online training and educational resources:

Creatively Engaging Online Students
Managing Online Education Programs
Picnik Photo Editing

Use the website Picnik.com to edit photos online.

Students: Free MS Office (part one)

Follow these steps to get your free copy of MS Office 2010.

Students: Free MS Office (part two)

Follow these steps to download and install your free copy of MS Office 2010.

Public Library Ebook

Learn how to download an ebook form the public library, and convert it for multiple uses.