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Redirecting / Forwarding mb.rctc.edu E-mail to a Different E-mail Account


Students who choose to have their e-mail forwarded to a private e-mail address outside the official RCTC network address will be doing so at their own risk. RCTC is not responsible for any difficulties that may occur in the proper or timely transmission or access of e-mail forwarded to any unofficial e-mail address, and any such problems will not absolve students of their responsibility to know and comply with the content of official communications sent to students' official RCTC e-mail address.

To set up a rule in your mb.rctc.edu account:

  1. After logging in at your mb.rctc.edu outlook account,  you will see in the upper right corner a small link called “options”.

  2. By default the options link takes you to “Account” settings.

  3. On the right hand side of the "Account" settings is a category called: “Organize your inbox with rules”. Select it.

  4. On the “Organize E-Mail” tab, “Inbox Rules”, select “New...”
    new rule

  5. Under the drop-down “*When the message arrives, and:”... select: “[Apply to all messages]”.

  6. Under the drop-down “*Do the following”... select: “Redirect this message to...” or  “Forward this message to...” 
    The differences — and similarities — between automatically forwarding and redirecting an incoming message are as follows:

    Message forwarding
    When a rule automatically forwards a message you receive, it leaves a copy of the message in your Inbox or in the folder to which the message was originally delivered. The rule then adds the designation "FW:" to the beginning of the Subject line, changes the message formatting, and then forwards the message to the account specified by the rule. The recipient represented by the account also sees that the message came from you.

    Message redirection
    When a rule automatically redirects a message you receive, it also leaves a copy in your Inbox or in the folder to which the message was originally delivered. The rule then sends the message, unchanged, to the account specified by the rule. To the recipient, the message appears as though it came directly from the original sender. There is no indication that the message was delivered by way of your account.

  7. In the Address Book box, at the BOTTOM for “Message recipients:”... enter your main, central email account to which you want all message redirected.

  8. Click “O.K.”

  9. Then “Save” the rule.
    save rule

  10. Test it out by sending a test message from your main e-mail account to your mb.rctc.edu account.  The sent email should show up in your preferred inbox.

If you need help, please contact or go to the Technology Support Center.

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