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Add a printer using Windows 7

How to add a printer using Windows 7

  • Click Start- then Devices and Printers.
  • Choose Add Printer near the top left of the dialog box.
  • Choose Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer, and click next.
  • Click the printer that I want isn't listed and click next.
  • Make sure the radial button next to "Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature" is selected and click Next.
  • In the Find Printers dialog box, type in the printer you want in the Name field and click Find Now.
  • Once your printer has been found, select it by highlighting the printer and click OK.
  • It will then automatically install your printer, once you see that it has successfully installed (see below) click Next.
  • You can either print a test page or you can click Finish.



Add a printer on a Mac

How to add a printer on a Mac

  1. Click on System Preferences in the Dock
  2. Click on Print & Scan within the Hardware section
  3. Click on the + (plus) on the bottom of the window that displays which printers you have installed
  4. In the search bar on the upper right type in the name of your printer, then click on your printer listed under the printer name
  5. Click arrow in the "Print Using" box and choose "Select Printer Software"
  6. In the search box type in the model of the printer (ex. For HP LaserJet 4250, just type in 4250) then highlight the correct printer and click OK, then click Add
  7. You should then see the printer in your list of printers


Changing Printer Cartridges

How to Change a Toner Cartridge

You may need to change a toner cartridge when:

  • Your printer tells you toner is out (low toner usually means you can print a few hundred more pages without a problem)
  • The pages coming out of the printer look faded or washed out
  • The pages have a repeating defect of some kind

Users are able to and expected to be able to change toner in black and white printers. (Color printers are more difficult so if you are unsure of how to change color toner call the helpdesk and we will assist you.)

  • First thing you will need to know is what model of printer you have.

    This will be written on the printer somewhere, there are 2 names that you will likely find on the printer, one is our name for the printer (i.e. ucrit01) the other is the model name (i.e. HP LaserJet 5m). You will need the model name.
  • Take the model name to the central stores.

    They will be able to tell you which replacement toner cartridge to use. (If there is a problem identifying which replacement to use call the helpdesk.)
  • Give them your cost center number and they will let you have the replacement toner cartridge that you need.
  • Take the new cartridge back to the printer and remove the new toner cartridge from the box.
  • Power the printer off.
  • Open the top cover on the printer.
  • Remove the old toner by pulling up and away from the printer. (It should come out with only a small amount of force)
  • Remove the new toner from its bag, remove the rip strip from the cartridge. This is a small tab on the side of the cartridge that is attached to a plastic film strip. If you do not remove this strip the printer will only print blank sheets. Take care to avoid getting the toner on you when you rip off the strip. Spilled toner is best cleaned up with a dry cloth. If you spill any toner on yourself you can wash it off with COLD water (no hot water as it can cause the toner to set).
  • Place the new cartridge into the printer the same way the old unit came out (there may be arrows or other cues to help you align the cartridge correctly.)

    It should slide in with minimal force. If it does not slide in easily, make sure you have the cartridge aligned correctly and that you are using the correct cartridge (i.e. 4000 series cartridge is not compatible with the 4100 series printer, you must use 4100 series cartridge).
  • Once you have the cartridge seated all they way in place, close the top cover.
  • Power the printer back on.
  • Print a few test pages
    • If the printouts look good:
      You are just about done, package the old toner cartridge in the box the new toner came in and give it to the mailroom. We get a credit for the old cartridges. Now you are finished.
    • If there is a problem with the test pages:
      Our cartridges are refurbished and sometimes the cartridges can be defective. If you see streaks, repeated defects, faded out pages or other defects that did not exist before you changed, toner it may be because of a problem with the toner cartridge.

      Try getting another new cartridge, installing that cartridge, and printing some test pages. If the printouts are clean, then the first cartridge is a defect, return it to the mailroom for credit.

      If both new toner cartridges seem to have problems call the computer helpdesk. There is likely something wrong with the printer.

Please Note: Toner cartridges are light sensitive if you are going to leave them out of the box or printer for more than a few minutes please cover them to prevent damage.


Clearing Printer Jams

Clearing Printer Jams

All printers have 3 handling areas

  • Input Tray Area
  • Top Cover Area
  • Output Area

A jam can occur in any of these 3 areas

If the printer is reporting a paper jam, shutdown the printer and be sure to check all 3 areas for the problem page.

To clear the jam, you just have to follow the paper's path through the printer.

Input Tray Area

  • Pull out each of the paper trays. Your printer may have 2, 3 or 4 trays available so make sure to check each tray.
  • Most printers print from the lowest tray first then move up to the next tray in line as paper runs out in each tray.
  • The paper moves up through each tray as it is passed to the toner assembly.
  • Make sure that the tray has not been overfilled or filled with the wrong kind of paper 20 lb letter size multi use paper is the best.
  • Do not reuse paper
  • Do not feed labels into the printers more than once
  • Make sure that any transparency paper that you use are rated for laser printers as any other kind will melt and may start on fire in the fuser.
  • Inspect the trays for misfed, misaligned or jammed paper and remove any that you find.
  • Close all the drawers and move to the next area of the printer

Top Cover Area

  • This is the area where the printer applies toner to the pages.
  • To access this part of the paper path, first open the top cover and remove the toner cartridge usually by pulling up and away on the cartridge. The toner cartridge is light sensitive so cover the toner cartridge while it is out of the printer.
  • Inspect the area where the toner cartridge was installed, look for misfed, misaligned or jammed paper and remove any that you find.
  • If you discover a problem that can’t be cleared or something that appears to be damaged, call the Technology Support Center.
  • Otherwise, replace the cartridge and close the top cover.

Note: Take care with spilled toner it is best cleaned up with a dry cloth. If you spill any on yourself you can wash it off with COLD water (no hot water as it can cause the toner to set)

Output Area

  • This is the area where the paper comes out of the printer.
  • Usually printers have a back door that allows you access to the paper right after it comes out of the fuser.
  • In some printers (laser jet 4200) this is a common jam point. Check the path as it goes from the fuser (Caution: the fuser is very hot) to the output bin looking for jams, misfed paper or misalignments; remove any problems that are discovered and close the drawer.
  • Turn the printer on and watch the printer as it starts up. It should resume printing at the point before the jam occurred.
  • If the printer jams again call the helpdesk as the jam may be in an inaccessible area or there may be rollers that need to be replaced.

Noisy printers are usually caused by rollers rubbing against each other, this is NORMAL and does not indicate a problem with the printer unless it is accompanied by consistent jamming.


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