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Error Reporting to the Technology Support Center

Error Reporting to the Technology Support Center

When we get a report that a computer “does not work” all we can do is look at the computer… if it powers up and logs in, it “works”.

Computer Problem Reporting Tool (CPRT)

The Computer Problem Reporting Tool (CPRT) is designed to make it easy and convenient for the RCTC community to report their computer problems.

When a problem occurs on a campus computer, users can click on the CPRT "Computer Problem" icon on the desktop (see below)


and any visible error messages on the computer screen will be captured, as well as the workstation name, user name, and various computer and network information. The user enters their e-mail address and a brief description of the computer problem (see below)









and using the "Send" command automatically generates a support ticket with the Technology Support Center with all the necessary information related to the problem already included.

While the CPRT will not solve the issues immediately, it will greatly aid in the ability for the TSC technical support experts to troubleshoot and resolve problems.

CPRT should make reporting the problem much easier and user-friendly.

Users that require immediate assistance should still contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) at tech.help@rctc.edu or 536-5555

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