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Vacation Instructions for Email users

Vacation Instructions for Email users

You can use rules when you are planning to be gone for an extended leave or vacation. You will need to set up an out of office assistant in your outlook email. To do this, open your Outlook email and click on tools, then click Out of Office Assistant, you will then see a box that looks like this

Click the radial buttong next to "Send Out of Office auto-replies" then check the box next to "Only send during this time range:" Pick the date and times you will be away.

In the box under "Inside My Organization" type in what you would like to be displayed when an internal email is sent to you while you are away. Now click on the tab "Outside My Organization" and type in what you would like people from outside of RCTC to see. Then click OK.

You will not have to worry about remembering to turn this off as it will only be on during the dates/times you specify.

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Last Updated: October 9, 2014

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