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Student Guidelines for Electronic Communication

Student Guidelines for Electronic Communication

The computer resources and capabilities at Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) and University Center Rochester (UCR) must be used in an ethical and lawful manner. Violations of RCTC computer policies, standard Internet etiquette, or violations of the laws of Minnesota and the United States can result in disciplinary action by RCTC and/or prosecution by legal authorities. Access to computer systems, and the networks attached to them is a privilege. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. You must not permit others to use your accounts(s). You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of all passwords you may have and for changing passwords frequently.

  2. Fraudulent, harassing, obscene and other inappropriate messages or uses of computers and networks must not be created, downloaded or transmitted. This includes messages that might harass individuals or groups because of their age, race, sex, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, physical attributes, etc.

  3. You must not attempt to access computer systems or data that you are not authorized to access. You must not attempt to circumvent normal computer access mechanisms in any way, nor intentionally, degrade system performance.

  4. Computer technology must not be used to enable plagiarism.

  5. Making or distributing unauthorized and/or illegal copies of software is against the law and may result in disciplinary action by RCTC and/or criminal/civil prosecution.

  6. RCTC/UCR computer technology must not be used to promote products or services for the intent of financial or other gain for yourself, your company or employer, or any other local enterprise.

  7. You may not install any software on campus computers without written consent from the Coordinator of Computing Services.

  8. Remember that Internet communications is not secure. Communication that must be 100 percent private and secure should not use the Internet as a transport.
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