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RCTC Main Web Site Content Provider Guidelines

It is the goal of the RCTC web initiative to maintain an attractive, consistent, accessible, promotional site that aligns with the mission, goals, and the continuous improvement quality standards of the college.

In order to maintain consistency and quality on the Main RCTC web site a few guidelines should be followed.

RCTC Main Web Site Guidelines

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1) Work-flow:

Server Administrator: (Works with Web Manager)
Duties: Maintains server(s), sets up Web accounts, directory access, and passwords for content providers on the server

RCTC Communications Department: (Works with Web Manager)
Duties: Gives input on look and feel of the RCTC web site as it relates to published promotional materials and other promotional media. The Communications Dept. assists in determining standards for all promotional sites that directly relate to marketing RCTC and RCTC programs.

Web Manager: (Works with the Server Administrator, the Communications Department, and with Content Providers)
Duties: Determines final details for look and feel of site, provides access to Contribute or Dreamweaver and training for content providers in the use of Contribute or Dreamweaver, ensures content providers adhere to the standards for the particular category of web site. Determines hierarchy and navigational structure of site in relation to input from departments, content owners, and web site usage statistics.

Content Providers: (Work with, and supported by the Web Manager)
Duties: Submit textual content to the site.

NOTE: Using Work-Study for submitting content to the Main RCTC site will not be supported. It may take time and repeated training to learn Contribute or Dreamweaver. Most students are not at RCTC long enough to effectively learn the procedures of updating the main RCTC web site. If you use Work-Study for personal or course sites you must have a full-time staffed individual as the main contact person for the Web Manager. Training will NOT be provided for work-study personnel.

2) Content management on Main RCTC web site:

a) Text information:

Submitting information in text format is the main responsibility of the Main RCTC web site content providers. Text submitted by content providers is not subject to review by the Web Manager, although reminders may be sent out if information is obviously out-of-date.

Text Fonts:

DO NOT use font colors, font types (ex. Arial, Times, etc.), or font sizes. All templates on the main site reference an external CSS files (cascading style sheets) that specifies the fonts for the site in order to maintain consistency and also to make the site more accessible to those with disabilities. This includes both links and regular text. As far as regular, unlinked text, black on white will be the standard. Black on white has worked in paper publishing since the invention of the printing press. Why? Black text on a white background is the easiest to read. NOTE: You may use the Heading sizes in Contribute to make text larger or smaller as these adhere to the specified styles for the site.

Avoid using ALL CAPS, colors and italics. Font colors may clash with the site design or be hard to read for some individuals. Italics appear jagged on computer screens and can be extremely hard to read. Instead, use BOLD for emphasizing text. Also a fancy font type that displays on your computer may not be installed on someone else's computer, thus some fonts may not display as intended once on the web. The fonts specified in the style sheet will display on ALL computers the same way.

In Summary:

  • Do not use font types (i.e.: Times, Arial, etc.)
  • Do not use font sizes (i.e.: 1, 2, 3, -1, -2, -3, etc.)
  • Do not use font colors
  • Do not use italics
  • Please use headings and bold to emphasize text

b) Graphics and Image use on Main RCTC web site:

All images are to be reviewed by the Web Manager, prior to posting in a page that is part of the main RCTC web site. This is to ensure adherence to the overall look and feel of the main RCTC Web site, and to ensure that the file size of images is balanced with quality while providing expedient download time (Quality vs. Download Time). Images must be e-mailed to the Web Manager as an attachment for review or provided on a CD-R. If the image(s) adhere to the quality standards determined by the Web Manager and fit the general look and feel of RCTC promotional media as recommended by the Communications Dept., then the Web Manager will make the image "web ready" and place it on the page of the content provider's choosing.

Images that may be reviewed for use:
Any photos taken by Media Services, Photos from CD ROM, Photos taken by the content provider or department (depending on the quality). In other words, photo-realistic images of any nature will be considered for use.

Images Not Allowed:
Animated Images retrieved from clip-art galleries, any image that looks like clip-art (non-photo, cartoon-ish), anything saved from another web site on the web, any image with garish colors (i.e. hot pink, chartreuse), any image which you have not secured proper permission to use (copyrighted materials - this includes RCTC/RCTC copyrighted logos). Images that display any of the characteristics as just described, or that are posted without approval, are subject to removal from the web site by the Web Manager without notice.

Opinions and tastes vary. Certain images that are thought to be "beautiful" or "cool" to some may actually cheapen the web site and make it look amateurish. Furthermore, some images may be too large - either in appearance or file size or both. The RCTC web site is intended to be aesthetically pleasing and professional looking, but most of all to provide information that is accessible, up-to-date, and quickly accessed.

c) Main RCTC Site Template / Sub-sites and Linking

    All top-level sites, defined as the RCTC home page and subsequent entry pages (or sub-sites), shall use the RCTC main site template as developed and applied by the RCTC web manager.

    • Sub-sites currently include the following directories: About, Admissions, Catalog, Contact, Counseling_Career_Center, Financial Aid, Foundation, Online, Policies, Publications, Services, Student_Support_Center, Student Life, Upwardbound, and Workforce.
    • Also included as entry pages are the following headings: Prospective Students, Enrolled Students, Faculty & Staff, Alumni & Friends, Workforce Education.

      Personal sites are NOT to be linked directly off top-level RCTC sites/sub-sites and entry pages. Due to their varied nature and inconsistent designs, personal sites are linked off the Web Hotel, which in turn is linked under "Faculty and Staff web sites" under "Faculty and Staff" on the main RCTC site. Furthermore, Personal sites are NOT to use the RCTC site template, so as not to confuse end users as to what is part of the official, main RCTC promotional site and what is not part of the RCTC site, such as a personal site. Personal sites are NOT to use any graphics or images that are already in use on the main RCTC web site(s). Regardless of where you get your images, copyright issues apply. You should always seek permission before using graphics in your web sites.

      Program sites and some department sites may not necessarily use the main RCTC site template. A separate program/department template will be available for program and department sites. NOTE: Some "departments" may have direct ties to a student process, such as the Admissions "department" or Counseling "department", or are otherwise very prominent on the site and therefore they are a sub-site of the RCTC web site and use the RCTC main site template.

Thank you for helping make the RCTC Web site a success!

Questions or comments may be directed to:

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RCTC Web Manager
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