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Faculty/Staff Web Accounts

Faculty/Staff Web Accounts


All faculty and administration have the option to have a personal web site. There is no need to feel obligated to have a web site and create web pages for your site. When your web space is initialized, you are allocated space on the web server to which you can publish a simple "business card" web site.... a simple page that displays your name and some contact information such as name, title, college affiliation, office location, office phone number, and e-mail. If you are inclined to create a more personalized web site, you can publish your customized pages to your web space at your discretion.

Specific passwords for your web account can be requested by contacting the Web Manager

If you do decide to personalize your site keep the following in mind. Your web site or "home" page can be thought of as your "online" business card and should contain basic information about yourself such as name, title, college affiliation, office location, office phone number, and possibly links to other web sites you deem relevant to you or your site. Also keep in mind that faculty and admin sites are often used as an on-line directory for students who would like to find or contact you. For personal sites, people can do pretty much whatever they want from a design standpoint... although Personal sites should NOT use either program/department templates or main RCTC site templates lest they be confused with "official" RCTC sites.

Additional Academic Web Sites

Faculty may also create and publish additional academic web sites (such as course, program and department sites). Contact the Web Manager to learn more about how these other sites can be set up. Content of course sites are left to the discretion of the faculty who teach the course. Because program sites are targeting prospective students, it is recommended that you contact either the Web Manager or the Communications Dept. for information and advice on the options available for putting your program on-line. There is a template available that will give your program a professional look and keep it consistent with the rest of the RCTC web site.

Finding Your Web Site

Faculty sites reside on RCTC's academic web server at the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) http://www.roch.edu/people/. Individual faculty web sites are located in subdirectories at the top of the Academic Web Site tree, in a directory named after your userid. Your userid is typically your first initial concatenated to your last name (for example: John Smith's userid would be "jsmith"). Faculty site URLs all follow the same pattern, which is as follows:

http://www.roch.edu/people/userid (where userid is your 1st initial and lastname)

As a RCTC faculty member, to determine if your web site exists, enter the above URL into the Location: field in your web browser, but substitute the word userid with your actual userid.

Note: People who are administration or staff can locate their sites at:

http://www.roch.edu/people/userid (where userid is your 1st initial and lastname)

After entering the URL, you should be presented with a page that displays your name and some additional contact information (unless you have previously customized your site) or simply the space that has been allocated to your web account.

If you choose to, you can create a more personalized web site.

Note: if, after entering what should be your URL, a home page is not returned, it may be because you haven't created an index file yet (We don't automatically create a default home page) or an account has not been activated yet. In either case, if you are a faculty or staff member and you cannot locate your site, please contact the Web Manager (2724) and we'll try to get things set up.

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