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Think About Your Next Step

So you’re thinking about College.

We get it—making the decision to further your education is a big one. You’re thinking about what program to get into, how much it will cost, how long will it take? But you may also be thinking about stuff you’ve heard about college—specifically things you’ve heard about this college. Let’s check some of those things out.

I can’t afford college. Think again.

RCTC offers exceptional academic opportunities that are affordable and accessible to all students. The average cost of a year at RCTC (assuming full-time/30 credits) is about $6,000. Plus, RCTC offers some technical programs that you can complete in as little as four months—bringing your time and money investment even lower.
But what about paying for college? RCTC will help you throughout your journey—from filling out financial aid paperwork, to pointing you in the right directions for outside assistance sources. Plus, the RCTC Foundation offers hundreds of scholarships to qualifying students which can bring your total cost down significantly (or possibly to nothing at all!).

RCTC is just a community college—it’s easy like high school. Think again.

RCTC is accredited by a dozen accrediting bodies including the Higher Learning Commission. That means that RCTC’s academic programs meet or exceed rigorous regional and national standards for academic performance --just like other Minnesota State universities, the University of Minnesota, and private colleges and universities across the country. Plus, courses at RCTC are a part of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, which means they are accepted as transfer credits at all Minnesota State universities (and many other four-year public and private schools)—so basically, they are no different than a course taken at a four-year university. In fact, RCTC is home to many world-class instructors with advanced degrees and research expertise—something many four-year universities don’t have!

And for students looking for advanced learning opportunities, RCTC is launching an honors program for eligible students this fall. Students accepted into this program will participate in unique and challenging learning experiences designed for those who have shown the ability to perform academically at an advanced level. Upon completion of the program, students will graduate with an Honors Liberal Arts degree.

I’m not a college-aged student—I won’t fit in. Think again.

The average age of an RCTC student is 24. We have students who are 16 through their sixties and beyond. You are never too old to keep learning—and you haven’t missed your chance! From the comprehensive learning center, disability support and tutoring services, veteran's resource center, counseling center, career placement assistance, student health services, dental hygiene clinic, student food cupboard, plus much more, RCTC has outstanding support services designed to help students of all ages and ability levels achieve their goals.

Think college is just lectures? Think again.

Let’s be clear: there is nothing wrong with a good lecture. That being said, RCTC faculty strive to make the learning experience innovative, inspiring, and fun. Whether it's using virtual reality to map geological formations, stoking the fire of our outdoor kiln, or scrubbing up in a real operating room, opportunities abound outside the “traditional” classroom setting.

Maybe you've been thinking it's time for a career change or upgrade.

Do you feel stuck behind a desk or the drive thru? Do you have a passion that you want to really want to elevate in your life? RCTC can help you take what you love to do and transform it into a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Maybe you’ve got a soft spot for animals. Or you’re eco-friendly. Or you’re always trying to make the world a better place. You love seeing what makes things tick. What makes things go faster, work better, last longer.

You're a “you love help others feel better, stay healthy, and find a better life” kind of people person.

You like variety—something new everyday.

Our expert advisors can help you explore your passions and skills, and will create a plan that will guide you towards your educational and career goals.

Just think what a college degree can get you!

Furthering your education is one of the best investments you can make. The numbers are clear: college graduates (regardless of program or credential) are higher skilled and earn better wages than others with less education. Whether you’re just getting started on your educational path, or are looking to upgrade your career and your life, RCTC is the right place to start, continue, or finish. RCTC has articulation agreements with hundreds of schools so your credits will transfer so you can complete a bachelor’s degree (or beyond!). Many of our career and technical programs can be completed in one year or less—that means your opportunity to find that dream job and make a great living is sooner than you think. Plus, through RCTC’s Center for Business and Workforce Education, you can continue learning throughout your career—with your employer often times picking up the bill!

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