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The Center for Business and Workforce Education builds and designs educational courses and training programs specific to your organization's needs.

“We’ve Got a Class for That!”

Our professional staff has experience in a variety of industries and topical areas.


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How Do I Get Started?


Contact Center Staff Phone: 507-280-3157



The Customized Process

  • Step 1 - Needs Assessment: Center Staff will conduct a needs assessment and discuss questions similar to the ones below:
    • What are you looking for?
    • What business goals are you striving to attain?
    • What results and outcomes are you expecting?


  • Step 2 - Instructor Selection: Center Staff will select an instructor with the background experience and teaching style that will fit with your organization.
  • Step 3 - Content Customization: Course materials will be designed and customized to address your needs. They might encompass examples you provide, industry specific situations to discuss and your company logo and name can be utilized.
  • Step 4 - Delivery: Classes will occur where you want it and when you want it. Your organization works 24/7 and so do we!
  • Step 5 - Evaluation: Evaluations are conducted and summaries provided. A follow-up conversation may occur regarding training experience and if next steps are needed.
  • Step 6 - Certificates of Completion: Certificates of Completion are available for all courses upon request. Continuing Education Units may be awarded if appropriate.



Course Examples

Below is a small sample of topical areas:

    • Healthcare
    • Leadership
    • Management Skills
    • Marketing
    • Customer Service
    • OSHA/Safety
    • Lean (Office or Manufacturing)
    • Computer Applications
    • Boiler
    • Welding



    Grant Opportunities

    BWE has seen success in acquiring acquiring grant funds. Contact Abbey Hellickson for additional information.


Last Updated: October 10, 2014