7 Things to Know About RCTC’s Horticulture Program

There’s something special about a green thumb—and while not everyone is born with one, it can definitely turn greener with the right education. Students in the Horticulture Technology program learn everything from soil and its effects on plants, to urban forestry, and pest management. Plus, when winter is still hanging on well into April, students get to work in a warm greenhouse full of green, pink, and red colors that can take your mind off the outside weather. Hands-on training and classroom learning combine to form a unique educational experience. Plus, you might even climb a tree or two.

  • Program and degree options include Horticulture Technology and Horticulture Science.
  • Students get to learn in an 11,200 square-foot classroom and lab space. 4,800 square feet of greenhouse space exists for students to get a great hands-on experience. 
  • The Horticulture program at RCTC was first introduced using repurposed culinary arts kitchen space that was remodeled for more green needs. 
  • Some students participate in a controlled burn as part of a project to restore prairie land by clearing invaders and restoring diversity. 
  • Horticulture Instructor and Program Leader Robin Fruth-Dugstad writes a column about all things plant for the Rochester Post-Bulletin. 
  • Students, staff, and instructors can find plants and flower arrangements for sale at various points of the year thanks to the hard work and loving plant care by Horticulture students. 
  • The greenhouse contains a corpse flower, otherwise known as amorphophallus gigas. When it is in full bloom, it smells… kind of funky–rotting meat funky. It’s a pretty cool plant, regardless of the stink.