Study Abroad Programs

Top Ten Reasons to Study Abroad:

  1. Study abroad allows you to travel while earning college credits!
  2. Study abroad allows you to experience new things.
  3. Study abroad allows you to learn a new language or put a second language to use.
  4. Study abroad allows you to experience first hand different cultures and customs.
  5. Study abroad allows you to increase personal confidence or pride in self by experiencing in a different environment.
  6. Study abroad looks great on a resume.
  7. Study abroad teaches you to become more independent.
  8. Study abroad helps you improve communication skills.
  9. Study abroad develops a greater appreciation for different cultures.
  10. Study abroad prepares you for the ever increasing globalized world.


“Our belief in the importance of international study is not simply about competition and national security. It’s about recognizing the ways in which the direct experience of cultures other than our own expands and enriches our lives and learning as no other experience can.

Being in an unfamiliar land changes you almost immediately in palpable and powerful ways. The world seems instantly less vast, remote, and abstract — and more under your control and within your reach.

The similarities and differences among people, cultures, languages, and ways of life are thrown into sharp relief. You realize how close you are to the most amazing things the world has to offer — and how close the world’s problems are to you.

Most important, your conception of your own place in the world begins to change. Your imagination of the possibilities it holds for you begins to broaden, and your sense of confidence that your actions have consequence and meaning within it begins to grow.”

by Sanford J. Ungar

Leading the Way Toward True Global Engagement