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Ecuador Travel Study

Dear RCTC and Minnesota State Nursing Students: July 5, 2018 

We just want to make you aware of a STUDY ABROAD course to Ecuador we will be offering at RCTC at the end of Spring Semester, May 17-25, 2019 at RCTC.  This is a 2-credit elective course that meets a few weeks in April & May after Spring Break in order to get ready for the trip and then we travel to Ecuador for 9 days at the end of the semester.  We have offered this course eight times before and nursing students have come back with excitement about how transformational it is with comments about the opportunities for fun, travel, and learning in a nursing course.  I will be available at any time to promote and answer questions about the course at my email:  We are able to offer the classes remotely from your college if you do not attend RCTC so you can connect with us for the special speakers who prepare us for the trip.  All you have to do is go to class on your campus and we connect in an ITV room with you!  You will need to register as an RCTC student in order register for the course.  We will meet you for the first time in person on May 17 when we leave on the trip! 

The class is called NURS2400 Transcultural Nursing:  Community and Global Perspectives.  We will visit hospitals, an orphanage, a Leprosarium where leprosy victims live, an EMT group, an elementary school, an outpatient clinic, and then take a boat ride and hike on an island where you will see some of the animals on the Galapagos Islands.  It truly is an opportunity you don’t want to miss and will open your eyes to health care in a developing country.  We partner with Hands for Humanity, a local humanitarian organization here is Rochester who plans twice a year trips to Ecuador to give help to areas with poverty in Ecuador.  Course fees cover everything you will need for the trip – plane tickets, room & board, transportation and are:  $2200 plus tuition (~$330) and a tuition differential (~$510) for a 2 credit course and you can investigate whether the credits transfer to Augsburg or Winona if you are interested in continuing your education sometime.  So you can travel to Ecuador and get 2 useful credits for ~$3000 next Spring!!! 

Please be considering this course for Spring Semester!  We need at least 12 students to sign up or the course will be cancelled so recruit some of your friends and come together.  You will be able to register for the course at Spring Semester registration in late September and there will be 3 payments due to the RCTC Business Office:  $600 when you register to hold your place in the course, $600 by the end of Fall Semester, December 17, 2018 to hold the plane ticket prices, and $1000 plus the tuition differential by Jan. 31st, 2019 to purchase the plane tickets. You are allowed to use Financial Aid for this course.  There is a one hour pre-class on Feb. 6th but we can also do this with the remote connection by iTV. 

You must have a GPA of 2.0 to register for the course and you cannot be on academic probation at RCTC and the requirement of 2 (two) faculty recommendations that need to be submitted to the faculty instructor ( prior to attaining permission to take the course.  You also must write a one-page essay that discussed your goals for participating in the study abroad program, again submitted to the faculty instructor, and these should be completed when you are serious about taking this course.   

The classes meet on April 10th, April 17th, April 24th, May 1st and May 8th.  You will NOT be sorry you took advantage of this opportunity!  Anyone who speaks Spanish would be VERY helpful but we also have access to interpreters all along the way.  Ecuador is a beautiful country with many people living in poverty.  Come along and see how nurses can make a difference! 

Begin to talk to students in your classes who have gone on this trip and your family and check if you have a current US passport!  (it has to be more than 6 months from expiration next, May 2019).  If not, begin the process of applying for a passport now. 

Again, consider this wonderful option for a nursing course and write me with questions you may have. 

Sincerely,       Diane Witzig, MPH, BSN, RN – N2219 and Study Abroad RCTC Nurse Educator