2014 Commencement a Success

The 2013-14 school year has passed and we?ve completed another inspiring Commencement Ceremony. In all, 380 of this year’s 1,132 graduates participated in the ceremony on May 15. Of these, 170 graduated with Honors and 189 with High Honors.

RCTC’s Commencement Ceremony is rich with tradition and dignity as we focus our full attention on the accomplishments of our graduates. One of my favorite aspects of the RCTC tradition is that faculty from each program read off the names of their graduates. Of course, this ceremony would not be successful without the efforts of many people investing hours of time and energy to make the event run smoothly. It was impressive to see so many of you volunteering in your various areas of expertise. As always, you were terrific ambassadors for the college and did so much to make this a special day for our students. I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to serve in this most important event, and I hope you found it to be a fulfilling way to see the fruits of your labor something that is not always visible or tangible in our line of work. I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the volunteers, as we could not have done it without them.

  • College Relations (publicity, posters, programs, kiddie bag inserts, candy bars wrappers)
  • Technology Support Center (technical support, event production, URL streamlining/linking)
  • Maintenance (moving everything between the campuses and all the cleanup)
  • Sports Center staff (logistical set-up/take-down, keeping the place looking impressive)
  • Security staff (keeping the traffic flowing smoothly and making us feel safe inside and out)
  • Faculty and staff (greeters, check-in, decorating, guest assistance and processional/recessional)
  • Faculty and retirees who volunteered to be marshals at the ceremony
  • Music Department (music and soloist)
  • Horticulture Department (floral arrangements)
  • Student Life staff and student representatives (guest assistance, ushers, crowd control, transporting special needs guests)
  • RCTC Foundation (flower sales and graduate gifts)

I want to extend special thanks to all those who served on the Commencement Committee, including Jeanne Wilson,Dale Amy, Don Baldus, Tiffany Betcher, Daniel Froelich, Rose Conway, Steve Flint, Dan Froelich, JT Goh, Robyn Goldy, Ben Hain, Janell Holter, Todd Jones, Scott Krook, Cody Pogalz, Kathy Richardson, Deb Schloegel, Nancy Shumaker, Nate Smith, Mark Stanchfield, Liz Wirt, and Chris Wolf.

In particular, I want to thank Jeanne Wilson for coordinating this year’s event without the assistance of a vice president of student affairs. She did ‘sweat the details, while at the same time demonstrating incredible leadership. And amid it all, she maintained the same cheerful, positive, calm, and can-do attitude so many of us have come to appreciate in her. Thank you, Jeanne!

While this year’s Commencement has come to a close, the planning for Commencement 2015 will already begin in the Fall, and you are welcomed and encouraged to join your RCTC family members in marking Thursday, May 14, 2015 on our calendars now for the 2015 Commencement Ceremony. And if you?d like to be part of the planning, please consider joining your colleagues on the 2015 Commencement Committee.

-Gail O’Kane, Interim President

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