Another Successful Summer Bridge Class

RCTC has 47 hardworking students participating in the Summer Bridge Program classes (including English, reading, math, and FYEX) this summer.

The Summer Bridge Program seeks to attract, support and retain graduates from Century, John Marshall and Mayo High School who possess the desire to attend RCTC without yet having achieved the necessary college level skills in reading, writing, and math. RCTC believes strongly in the capabilities of these students and offers the Bridge Program as a supportive introductory environment for those who choose to attend RCTC. The program is designed to help ease the students? adjustment to college life and build a foundation for academic success.

The primary academic focus of the Summer Bridge Program centers on developing the skills necessary to perform college level work. Every student in the program must have placed into developmental courses as a result of their ACCUPLACER. The ?bridge? has been created to bring students across from where they are academically into college level coursework. It also works to combine academic coursework with an introduction to the RCTC campus community. Students have the opportunity to meet with advisors, counselors, and program coordinators, make new friends, and get oriented to RCTC and its many resources while strengthening skills in math, reading and writing. Participants will be involved with a tutor program. All Summer Bridge participants are required to work hard. When selected to participate, it’s all free! This includes tuition, books, tutoring, academic advising, and some extracurricular activities.

Retention rates

National fall to fall retention rates for two-year colleges has ranged between 47 and 49 percent always under 50 percent over the last 10 years. Although we have spiked above 50 percent on occasion over the course of those 10 years, the overall fall to fall retention rate at RCTC is generally in line with this national trend.

However, the Summer Bridge Program retention rate has ranged from 60-80 percent with a spike of 86 percent and a 69.1 percent rate over these entire 10 years.

Free to students, free to RCTC fully funded by CARE funds generated by PSEO Contracting with Rochester Public Schools.

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