CAD Graduate Creates Puzzles for Service Club

Written by Kathy Steinman

I am a member of the Rochester Civitan Club and a committee member for an annual event held at Chester Woods called Day at the Park (with some wonderful folks from the park and from another organization called Friends of Chester Woods). The event is for individuals with disabilities and their families. They attend stations like a wagon ride in the park, or learning about animals and making a craft item of some type. Rochester Civitan Club is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping people with developmental disabilities.

As a CAD student at RCTC in 2014, I learned about cutting things out with a laser. I thought how great it would be to use the laser to cut out some wooden puzzles for the participants to solve if they were finished with their craft at the craft station, or to solve for more fun. While in the CAD program I came up with images, converted them to the proper files, and cut the puzzles using the RCTC laser.

The first year we had the puzzles at the Day at the Park event I was not sure how they would be received. They were enjoyed by the participants. So, I made different puzzles the next year. After graduating from the program and two years of cutting the wooden puzzles out with a scroll saw, I was able to hook back up with Pam and the CAD department at RCTC. They helped our service club and the Day at the Park committee by cutting the wooden puzzles this year.

Thank you, Pam, and RCTC CAD Department for helping with the wooden puzzles. They are a hit at the Day at the Park event!

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