CAD is the place to make things

Trailer---Back-Doors-L-startingDo you enjoy seeing a project from the beginning to the end? The RCTC Computer Aided Drafting program is the place for you if you like to make things from the ground up.

CAD, as it’s more commonly called, uses computer technology for design. The software replaces manual drafting with automated processes. There are many careers that use CAD knowledge, including architecture, automotive, aerospace, prosthetics, and even special effects in movies.

The RCTC class recently took on a Vehicle Wrap project for Boy scout Troop 307 in St. Louis Park. The students used their CAD skills to trace the outline of the trailer to make a full-size graphic layout.

The wrap team was Liam Jones, John Hubert, Brian Robbins, and instructor Pam Benson.

They did the project from design to install and it was great seeing the finished product, said instructor Benson.

With the Rochester area’s growth, there is an excellent job placement rate for CAD graduates.

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