CAD Students Partner with Local Middle School For Real World Project

Phil Brody Liem Mark Open Box 1Rochester Community and Technical College’s Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) class has teamed up with Triton Middle School in Dodge Center to design three unique storage units for laptop Chromebook computers.

Mark Raymond, Triton middle school principal, requested a design and prototype from RCTC’s CAD reverse engineering class. Mr. Raymond explained that ?we are looking for a storage and charging solution for Chromebooks in the classroom. Our plan is to have a one-to-one solution in our middle school next year, but the Chromebooks will not be traveling home. Instead, the students will put their Chromebooks into storage overnight and pick them up in the morning.

RCTC’s second year CAD instructor, Pam Benson, said ?we took on this project because I thought the RCTC students could create a cost effective solution and save Triton some money. One commercial charging cart costs $2000, and Triton needs storage for 25 Chromebooks per classroom.

Brian H Brian R Dillon Mark Hinge Box 1Jason Robbie Mark John missing Stack Box 1CAD students designed the projects using SolidWorks software and made the prototypes with various equipment available at the College. Three design teams were created and were comprised of RCTC Computer Aided Drafting students. One team used a laser and two teams used a computer controlled router (Shopbot) to create the prototypes.

Within two weeks, the three RCTC student design teams pitched their designs to Mr. Raymond who then requested feedback on the designs from Triton faculty and staff. Seven of the Triton classrooms chose an open design created by RCTC students Philip Vitale, Brody Broin-Clemens and Liam Jones. Three classrooms requested the hinge design created by CAD students Brian Robbins, Brian Hovland and Dillon Von Berge. Two Triton classrooms chose the stack design created by RCTC students Jason Minter, Robbie Highet, and John Hubert.

RCTC CAD students will provide detail and assembly drawings to Triton High School’s industrial arts department. The high school instructor can cut the parts and possibly have the middle school students assemble them. The RCTC students enjoyed the real world design experience and appreciated the feedback from Triton Middle School.

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