CAD’s Brian Robbins’ bridge project

bridge-featureComputer Aided Drafting (CAD) student Brian Robbins has been using the CAD program’s “training” to it fullest potential (pardon the pun).

Robbins created a model railroad HO scale bridge using the SolidWorks program to design the bridge. Then he lasercut the parts in the CAD prototype shop. He used 1/4″ plywood covered in red matboard engrave so the bridge looks like brick.

The CAD program at RCTC is a two-year program and offers students the opportunity to design and build projects form start to finish.

Train-Bridge-Completed-3“This enhances the learning experience, making sure parts fit together correctly,” said Pam Benson, CAD instructor.

With the Rochester area’s growth, there is an excellent job placement rate for CAD graduates.

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The CAD program qualifies for the current Occupational Grant that’s available to qualified students. Apply today!

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