Change for Spring Semester Financial Aid

In general, your Financial Aid is based on the number of credits you are enrolled in, as of a ?census date. For Spring Semester, the census date is Friday, January 18, 2019.

In the past, RCTC allowed exceptions (and adjusted Financial Aid) for students who added courses after this date. Beginning Spring Semester 2019, Financial Aid adjustments for late registrations are no longer allowed. Courses added after the census date will NOT be considered for Financial Aid. This restriction applies even if the course being added is required for graduation.

What can you do to ensure you receive Financial Aid for all of your credits?

  • Finalize your Spring Semester registration on or before January 18, 2019. If you plan to take late-start courses, you must be registered for them at the beginning of the term.
  • At any time, if you are considering a change to your registration (regardless of the reason), contact your Advisor first!? We want to make sure you understand how the change may affect your academic plan and your Financial Aid eligibility.

Please let your Advisor or the Financial Aid Office know if you have questions about this change. Best wishes for a great Spring Semester!

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