Compassion Studies to be offered online

Rochester Community and Technical College has added Compassion Studies? to the list of humanities courses offered at RCTC. This three credit class will be offered online starting fall semester. RCTC Instructor, Steve Juenemann, said that the focus is not on compassion training (such classes already exist elsewhere); instead, students will explore compassion’s universal, timeless aspects in terms of contemporary relevance and personal perspective.

The new Compassion Studies (HUM 1500) course will explore compassion as a subject of academic inquiry–emphasizing both its timely and timeless aspects including notable historical traditions and thinkers, as well as contemporary figures and findings. Some key questions considered in this course include what is compassion; do humans have a duty to be compassionate; and why does compassion matter, to whom and to what? The course will also feature readings, discussions, videos, and lectures that address compassion as it relates to diverse subject areas.

To start the application process at RCTC, go to to complete the online application. There is no application fee at RCTC. Applicants will be contacted with additional information to enroll. Fall semester classes begin on Monday, August 22, 2016.

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