Dr. Eric Singsaas to speak

EricSFor the past five years, the RCTC Environmental Science Program has hosted guest lecture series on campus, bringing in speakers who present and talk about current events and problems society faces in the environmental science community.

This year, Dr. Eric Singsaas will be visiting RCTC on Tuesday, April 7, for his presentation of ?21st Century Technology Innovations to Sustain People, the Economy, and Planet Earth.

Dr. Singsaas applies plant biochemistry to create green energy products using sustainable technologies that support the efficient use of natural resources.

He will discuss his research on bio-based sources of chemicals, materials, and fuels, comparing the non-renewable products and fuels we currently use to renewable bio-products that are being developed. He will also discuss what technology platforms he thinks will inspire development of these new products as well as the economic impact they will have.

Dr. Singsaas? research includes photosynthesis, heat stress, and global change effects on plants and ecosystems. He’s working to use plant biochemistry to create new bio-based products. From his research and development, he holds patents for renewable energy technologies that enable a generation of sustainably sourced fuels that don’t impact the food supply.

Dr. Singsaas got his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in botany. Currently he’s an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Join the Environmental Science program on Tuesday, April 7, at noon in Hill Theatre to learn from Dr. Singsaas about steps forward into renewable products and fuels.

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