Ebola readiness

This letter is originally from President McClellon.

Many of you are aware that the Ebola virus has been identified in the United States and internationally. At the present time, there have been NO Ebola cases identified in Minnesota. Minnesota Management & Budget (MMB) continues to communicate with the Department of Health, the Department of Public Safety and the Governor’s Office regarding the Ebola situation and Minnesota’s preparedness efforts.

Rochester Community and Technical College and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) are also monitoring the Ebola situation very closely. RCTC has established an Emergency Response group to ensure readiness on our campus. I have identified Dr. Alex Herzog, Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, as the primary RCTC contact person in response to the Ebola situation. Please contact Dr. Herzog’s office at 507-285-7127 with questions. You will also find a list of websites and resources for more information at the end of this communication.

Many of the services we deliver are directly related to the well-being of Minnesotans and must continue during any emergency situation. To fulfill these obligations, it is critical that state employees are individually prepared and able to report to work. With this expectation in mind we would like to provide information to you on steps you can do now to prepare yourself and your family for any emergency situation.

1.? Personal/Family Readiness Plans
Disasters can strike at any time, and it is important to plan in advance. Employees should have back-up plans for child and elder adult care, as well as alternative pet care arrangements. Preparation is the key to success in handling emergencies. A list of resources for personal and family readiness planning is available at the end of this memo.

2.? Good Health Hygiene
Employees should always practice good health hygiene. First and foremost, wash your hands. Try to stay in good general health and if you are ill, stay home. Cover your cough and avoid people who are ill. Remember to get your flu shot this year.

3.? Information
It will take an adequately informed and prepared workforce to ensure that we are able to deliver critical services to the citizens of Minnesota. A list of resources is available at the end of this communication for you to stay updated with the most current information.

4.? Communication
It’s important that you are provided with accurate and timely information. MMB is dedicated to providing all employees with information about this situation. As always, employees can contact their direct supervisor with questions or concerns and we encourage you to visit the Minnesota Department of Health’s website at www.health.state.mn.us to learn more.

With this Ebola situation, it is important to be calm and informed. Questions have been raised about people who may have recently traveled to a country affected by the Ebola outbreak, and all state agencies are being asked to follow the Minnesota Department of Health’s protocol for returning travelers if they have employees that fit in this category.

List of Resources

Individual and Family Readiness: www.ready.gov

Ebola virus Information:

Centers for Disease Control:

Minnesota Department of Health:


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