Egg Hunt set for March 25-April 1

The RCTC Lions Club, Veterans Club, and International Club are bringing in spring by hiding some eggs and hoping you find them. If you find a plastic egg hidden in any of the three buildings on campus, pick it up because there’s a prize inside and a possibility for a better prize from the Bookstore.

So if you see an egg, don’t pass it by – stop and pick it up:

  1. It’s a reminder that spring’s officially here
  2. There will be a prize for you no matter what (a sweet treat for your hard work) – everybody wins!
  3. Keep in touch with your inner child!

On March 25, keep your eyes peeled for a brightly colored egg that’ll make your day a little bit brighter. The hunt is ongoing, and you can redeem the bigger prizes through April 1 at the Bookstore.


4 Comments on “Egg Hunt set for March 25-April 1

  1. Is this still happening tomorrow, even if the campus is closed until 4:30pm?

    • A good question that I have in to the coordinator of the event. It might be on Friday.

  2. I am assuming since this is Friday there is still eggs outside?? and inside??

    • Yes – that snow day threw everything off. The eggs were put out today and will stay where they are until found. If you have a Bookstore prize, you can pick it up through April 1.