Frederick Ndabaramiye to speak


Frederick Ndabaramiye’s RCTC session has been cancelled. The evening session at the Library will continue to be held at 5:30 p.m., showing the film “I Am Able” being show followed by a facilitated discussion with the audience. Unfortunately, Ndabaramiye will be unable to attend. The reception following is also cancelled.




Join WSU-Rochester and RCTC as they host Frederick Ndabaramiye, a Rwandan refugee who experienced a brutal bilateral hand amputation as a child. Frederick travels from Africa to Rochester to share his inspiring story of resilience, forgiveness, and courage during the Rwandan genocide.

Frederick was 15 years old and on his way to visit his uncle, when the bus he was traveling on was ambushed by rebels from the1994 Rwandan civil war that killed 800,000 people. The rebels cut off his hands and left him for dead. Today Frederick travels around the world to share his incredible story of survival. In addition to speaking about his experience during the Rwandan genocide, he is the subject of the documentary I Am Able? as well as an artist.

He will be speaking at the Rochester Public Library in the Auditorium on Monday, Feb. 22, from 5:30-7 p.m. The February 22 event is open to the Rochester community and anyone who wants to hear more about Frederick’s amazing journey.

In addition to the community event, Frederick will be speaking at Rochester Community and Technical College that afternoon in CF206/208 to students, faculty, and staff from 3:30-4:30pm.

Join Frederick to learn more about courage, resilience, hope, and forgiveness in the light of tragedy. More information about Frederick is available at, including a TEDx interview.

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