French Club Hopes to Alleviate Hunger in Rochester


The RCTC French Club chose to host an Oxfam Hunger Banquet on Nov. 15 to raise awareness about hunger in our community and in the world.

We wanted to do an event like this because we really felt like, as French students, we have a different perspective, and we?ve had to get out of our comfort zones and see other cultures, says French Club co-president Sophia Fulton.

Attendees were handed a ticket upon entering the event. The ticket classified you as either lower class where you only ate rice middle class, or upper class, with food options improving with your status.Cupboard Sidebar

Turnout was really good, says French Club officer Margaret Winkels, making it much more impactful as club members, friends, and family members came together to eat.

We really wanted to show that imbalance and show how we have so much to be grateful for, Fulton adds.FrenchClubAlt copy

But just one banquet won’t do that; the club is using it?as a starting point.

Event attendees now have resources on where to donate and how to volunteer in the community. And more importantly, the club will help out at a local food shelf, and see how it can team up with RCTC’s (see sidebar).

The volunteering and donating will continue throughout the upcoming school year, and all students on campus can help.

We were thinking about getting a group together to help Channel 1 (Regional Food Bank) or our food shelf, Winkels says,but we haven’t finalized anything. We were thinking about that for next semester to keep that theme going.

Hunger is so relevant; a lot of things stem from that. When you don’t have basic needs met like hunger, you can’t really go out from there, Fulton adds. It’s something tangible that we can help with.

If you’re in French class, you are automatically in the French Club. If you’re not learning French, you just need to be a student at RCTC to join the club.

You can keep up to date on the French Club online.

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