Fridays with Dennis

dennisODennis Olson carries his passwords on his keychain. A simple, black USB key is a mainstay on his keychain, and as he travels from computer to computer, the password key helps ensure his passwords are even more secure.

This is just one of the things you can learn about at Fridays with Dennis.

Since he started at RCTC six years ago, Dennis? title has gotten pretty nuts, and these days he simplifies it by saying he’s in Educational Technology and Information Technology Services.

Dennis is the faculty/staff liaison, technology trainer, and emerging technology specialist for Ed Tech, and since he’s moved from the TSC, his other responsibilities include SharePoint administration and web development.

Currently he’s mainly training RCTC staff and faculty, but if there is student demand for learning more about Office 365, Windows 8.1 and 10, or others, he would definitely consider opening up Fridays with Dennis? to the RCTC student body.

The official list of items Dennis teaches includes Office 365, including Outlook, Excel, Lync, OneDrive, and Sharepoint; ImageNOW/WebNOW, specifically scanning, security, and workflow; Windows operating systems 8.1 and 10; and MediaSpace. Of course he’s willing to offer advice on other things, like tracking your web browsing, password management, virus and malware removal, and other things. Many times people show up and ask a question; it’s an informal session.

People show up, I ask them what they’re working on, then I make suggestions about how we can use campus IT resources to make it better and/or faster, he says.

With the move to SharePoint, Dennis is planning on adding Yammer to the list, as well as Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics.

Need something specific? If you give him some advance notice, he can present on just about any technology-related subject. (He does defer all D2L support and training to Craig Narveson: Craig does a great job with support and training on that by himself. )

Fridays with Dennis are in GL132 every Friday, 11 a.m.-1p.m. If you can’t make it and think you would benefit, he can record the sessions if requested.

You can view the SharePoint group to learn more about Fridays with Dennis topics and request something specific.

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