Heintz Parking

As some of you may have noticed, the site fence for the CTECH Project has been installed. This construction site will impact the parking stalls in the center parking lot area and the north-south drive lane along the east sidewalk outside of the Workforce Center; including the parking stalls adjacent to the east sidewalk.

The CTECH project is scheduled to be completed in July, 2016.

In an effort to address the anticipated parking issue, we will also be expanding the parking lot to the east starting in September. This parking project will be completed in approximately one month.

This will provide a temporary gravel parking surface over the winter, with a follow-up project in the spring to pave the gravel area and make additional lot improvements.

For immediate parking concerns with the start of classes next week, we plan to have two shuttles running from the main campus to the Heintz Center from
7am 8:30pm starting on August 24th and through September 4th. A shuttle will be available roughly every 15 minutes.
????? Atrium entrance drive
????? West Parking Lot near bus stop
????? Heintz Center East door H6

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