How RCTC’s Science Programs Propel students forward Part 2

We recently invited back three RCTC graduates who started their science studies at the College to see what they’re up to now.

Heather Simenson, Alison Seemann, and Alexander Kehren have all gone on to great careers thanks to a love of science. Read about Seemann’s experience below. And you can also follow this link to read about research Seemann has completed, and how community colleges are doing more research all of the time. You can read about Kehren and Simenson here and here.AlisonAtrium

RCTC: What was your time like here at RCTC?

Seemann: I took generals here and transferred to Winona State University to finish a biochemistry degree. But I did a lot of sciences here, chemistry. I was doing research for Dr. Heather Sklenicka, a chemistry professor? she got me interested in research. So, I started doing research and changed my major from nursing to biochem.


S: I was a PSEO (postsecondary enrollment options) student here and from the area. So, it was a nice way to live at home while taking college credits. Save money that way.

RCTC: Did you like your time here, and what were some of the highlights?

S: I loved it. Doing research with Dr. Sklenicka was definitely a highlight.

RCTC: What do you do now?AllisonMugshotWeb

S: I work at Mayo Clinic in downtown Rochester and work in a molecular genetics lab. And basically, what we do is extract DNA from cancer tissue and blood and do genetic testing on the DNA to determine any genetic mutations the patient might have so that doctors can better diagnose and treat the patients.

RCTC: Looking back, what did RCTC do for you?

S: You can kind of explore a little bit more. I just did classes kind of for fun, took a variety, and decided I liked chemistry. It helped me decide what I wanted to major in for sure.

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