IT Service Announcement (Phishing attack – Fraudulent employment offers)

There is?currently?an?email?phishing scam going around that attackers are using in an attempt to defraud students with fraudulent employment offers.

Anyone who replies to one of these messages will be lead through a multi-stage e-mail ?hiring? process which eventually includes disclosure of highly sensitive personal information, such as social security and banking account numbers. After being ?hired?, the victim will be mailed a ?certified check? to deposit and be asked to purchase items for the ?employer? (such as gift cards). The check is bogus and will bounce, but by the time the victim knows that, it will be too late; plus, the victim has disclosed all of the information needed to perform additional identity theft.

Here is an image of a sample fraudulent employment offer e-mail:

If you receive this or any other suspicious email in your RCTC email?inbox,Do Not Respond or Click on Links, and?please report it to

Remember: always be very careful when someone contacts you that you were not expecting (with an offer of employment, a free prize, your password has expired, etc.. and asks for your personnel information, or for you to send them money) it is most likely a SCAM!

Thank you.

Technology Support Center

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