IT Service Announcement, Skype for Business Currently Experiencing Issues

Microsoft has reported that Skype for Business is currently experiencing issues.

Users (students and employees) may not see meeting and conversation history in the Skype for Business client tabs. Also, users may not see meeting and conversation history via the Outlook calendar and conversation history.

In the meantime, if users need to have history of their Skype conversations they can copy-n-paste the discussion thread into a Word document or email message.

Note: be sure to copy-n-paste your active discussion history before leaving the thread if you want to save a copy.

Currently Microsoft does not have a timeline for fixing this issue but are actively working to resolve it.

An update will be provided when available.

Thank you.

Technology Support Center


IT Service Alerts and Updates are announcements sent to the Campus Community concerning potential or existing technology-related issues. Please communicate your questions or concerns to the Technology Support Center via: email:


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