Lucas, Rogich present at Capitol


Benjamin Lucas and Allison Rogich presented their research work entitled, “Development of Engaging Labs for the Two-Year College Curriculum?” at the MnSCU Scholars at the Capital event on Thursday, Feb 26.

Legislators and MnSCU faculty involved in undergraduate research were impressed with Ben and Ally’s work and presentation skills.

The poster presentation at the State Capitol in St. Paul allows undergraduate students to share the results of their work with legislators and other leaders in state government.

It also draws attention to the exciting work being done on the MnSCU campuses around the state. The application process is a competitive process, with participants from the seven MnSCU Universities.

Minnesota Undergraduate Scholars display, in poster format, the work of 25-30 exceptional undergraduates from seven MnSCU Universities and 5 Community Colleges at the State Capitol in St. Paul.

For more information on the poster presentation, please visit the MnSCU website.

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