Meet RCTC Student Shelby Bailey

The Last Virgin photo by Shelby Bailey.

Shelby Bailey is studying photography at RCTC (and is also a captain of the soccer team). We asked her a few questions about what it’s like to be a photo student at RCTC, and more!

RCTC: How did you get into photography?

Shelby Bailey: That’s what my family does… we all take pictures and have fun with it. I found out I liked being in front of the camera pretty young, and when I got older I wanted to give other people that same feeling. It’s like giving them another voice. I just thought that would be a cool job to do.

Why did you decide to take photo classes at RCTC??

In photography you don’t really need a degree or anything, but I decided that I really wanted to make a life out of my photography, and learn everything I possibly could about photography.

Are you pursuing a photo certificate at RCTC?

I have my photo certificate and I just have this semester left for also getting a liberal arts and sciences degree.

What have you learned by taking photo classes at RCTC?

I’ve definitely learned a lot about photography. What I most admired about learning here is that I really went out of my comfort zone. It was hard, but the teachers here have really helped me! Brian [Steele] and Suz [Suzanne Szucs] have helped me through a lot with class situations and out of class too!

What do you want your future in photography to be? It looks like you already have a business set up?

Yeah, [what] my future holds for me is a photography business. I really want to start my photography portraits up so when I’m stable, I can explore more photography. That’s the best thing about photography… there is so much out there to explore, and you are never done learning.

For more information about the RCTC photography program, click here.

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