Meet with you Advisor or Counselor Now!

Registration will begin soon, and now is the perfect time make an appointment now with a counselor or advisor – this will help you avoid a long wait and the possibility of not being able to get an appointment during the very busy registration period.

A counselor or advisor can assist you in creating an academic plan – they can help you plan for prerequisites and create a schedule that can avoid course time conflicts, so? you are prepared when registration opens for the Summer and Fall semesters.

Also, now is a great time for undecided students or students who are considering transfer to a four-year program to meet with a college counselor in order to discuss their next steps.

To set up an appointment call 507-285-7260. Please have your Stinger ID handy when you call.

Don’t know who your counselor or advisor is? No problem call the number above or visit our website:

Important Registration Reminders

Should I withdraw from a Spring course?

Withdrawing from a course means that you are assigning yourself a grade of a W for the course. This grade does not impact your GPA, but it does impact your completion rate (which could negatively impact your academic and financial aid standing). Full tuition and fees is still required for course withdraws. RCTC recommends that you meet with your course instructor before deciding to withdraw, along with your assigned academic advisor or counselor. In addition, you should contact the following offices you may be receiving benefits from prior to make a withdraw decision: financial aid, veteran school official, student support program, and the international advisor.

How do I withdraw from a Spring course?

RCTC will not withdraw you from a course through email or phone requests, you must use your online eservices account to complete this action. Instructions on how to complete the course withdraw are available at: RCTC’s admissions office or your assigned counselor or advisor can assist you through this process if needed. The deadline to withdraw from full-term RCTC courses is 4/20/2015. To review the deadline to withdraw for partial-term courses, please visit:

What do I do if I have received an FN or FW for a Spring course?

If you are receiving benefits from financial aid or through veteran’s services, you will want to contact that office to see how your benefits may be impacted by this FN/FW grade (even if you are able to change it to a W grade).

FN and FW grades negatively affect both your GPA and your completion rate at RCTC. A student has until their course’s withdraw deadline (these are viewable at: to go to RCTC’s admissions and records office in person to have this FN/FW grade changed to a W instead. The benefit of doing this action is that instead of having a course grade of an F impact both your GPA and completion rate, a W grade will only impact your completion rate.

When can I register for Summer and Fall courses?

You can see exactly when your individual registration will open by logging into e-Services with your StarID and selecting “Courses and Registration” and then “Registration Window”.

Returning students will start registering for Summer at the end of March and for Fall on in the middle of April. Order of registration for returning students is dependent upon the number of earned credits.

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