Moving Forward: Help when you need it!

moving-forwardThere can be so many hurdles when making college work. What classes should I take? Where do I live? How does financial aid work? What do I do when my car breaks down?

The GOOD news is that there is a program at RCTC that can help you through tough times.

The Moving Forward program helps you succeed and gives you the tools to make it to graduation and beyond.

1. Navigator – There is a navigator who can help you understand the processes of college and guide you through it, whether it’s applying for financial aid or figuring out how to register for classes.

2. Community help

    • Free immediate assistance is available, especially for transportation. Need a bus pass but don’t have the cash? Out of gas but pay day is next Thursday? All you have to do is ask for the help.
    • Referrals for housing, food, car problems, child care expenses, mental and/or physical health needs, or dental care. There are several low-cost options that are available.
    • Academics is something a student needs to pay special attention to. In addition to meeting with your advisor, this program offers study tips and help, weekly progress reports, and help planning the future.

You don’t have to do this alone – there are people waiting to help you succeed in college. Stop by the Advising department today to make an appointment or call 507-280-3150.

Alexandra Plank is available to help with community resources and navigation and Jamie Luke can help with Academics.

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