MSCSA Announces Round II of The 100% American? Scholarships

MSCSA Announces Round II of The 100% American?

5 – $500 Scholarship Awards

The Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA) is seeking applications from college and university students for The 100% American? Award. This program is sponsored through the generosity of Mark M. Welter, Ph. D. Five (5) $500 awards (maximum of 1 per institution) will be given to Minnesota State Colleges and Universities students. PSEO students and past recipients are eligible for the award.

The five (5) winners will be selected for their skills in integrating the 24 retrieval answers (pp 2-3) with the four (4) essay questions on page 5. Accurate use of the ?optional enrichment exercise? outlined on page 3 of the Activity Packet will elevate chances of winning an Award. (Instructions for implementing both the standard and the extra credit choices are given under Suggestions for integrating?, p. 3.)

In short,The 100% American? may be used in two ways:

  1. For personal use (not interested in applying for an Award). Read the activity on page 2, complete the 24 retrieval blanks and use at your discretion.
  2. To be considered for one of the 5 awards, complete the 24 questions and answer the Essay Questions on page 5 of the Activity Packet.

To submit your application for one of the five (5) $500 awards, send the completed essay questions to MSCSA at by Monday, April 4, 2016.


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