Post-secondary student Alexandra Flippin

Alexandra Flippin has had plans to be a PSEO student since middle school.

Her mom found out about PSEO from other parents, and since then, PSEO has always been a part of Alexandra’s plan for her junior and senior years of high school.

A student at Byron High School, Alexandra has been full time at RCTC since the beginning of her junior year.

I wasn’t as attached to the high school experience as some of the other people my age, she said. I also wanted to put myself out of my comfort zone and challenge myself.

PSEO has definitely been a positive influence on Alexandra in helping to push herself out of her comfort zone. Before she started the PSEO program, she had been with the same students and friends since third grade. The different backgrounds of students at RCTC have forced her to meet new people and improve her social skills. As for challenging herself, some of her classes are large, and she doesn’t always get the benefit of teacher guidance as much as she would in high school. But that’s not a bad thing.

It makes you really take control of your own education and work, she explained.

That’s also very important for preparing for a job.

alexandra_headshotBalancing school and a job is something Alexandra has become skilled at: she works as a cashier at Menard’s while also going to RCTC. I try to be responsible in both aspects of my life.

What’s her favorite thing about PSEO at RCTC? The schedule. Instead of a full day of high school classes, she gets to choose her schedule and is at RCTC for only a few hours most days.

Getting a quality education is awesome, too, but I really like only having to be at school for three hours most days.

Alexandra was surprised by the size of RCTC when she first started. The school is bigger than Byron High School, and she did get lost a couple times. But she is impressed by the education and her instructors.

Every teacher that I have had has impacted me in one way or another. Whether it is challenging me to do more work or being a caring individual, all the teachers I have had so far have changed my life for the better, she said.

Alexandra plans on graduating this summer and has plans to get a four-year degree at University of Wisconsin Eau Claire in environmental public health. A doctorate is also in her future, and she is thinking about joining the Peace Corps.

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