RCTC Receives Two IBM Grants

RCTC is proud to announce it has received two grants from IBM to support RCTC’s physics and chemistry departments. These grants are given in recognition of the volunteer service of retired IBM engineers, Eric Skuldt (Physics and Engineering) and Bruce Keller (Chemistry).

The first $2,000 cash grant will support RCTC’s Physics and Engineering department and make possible the purchase of equipment to expand the scope of student engineering projects as well as equipment to continue the expansion of laboratory facilities. Most notable for student engineering projects, the third year of high altitude balloon project will include new instrumentation for collecting high altitude observations and maintaining flight contact through which the instrumentation is retrieved upon return to earth. Custom instrumentation has been assembled because of the limited payload of the balloon and the challenging measurement environment and goals during the flight to 100,000 feet.

The second $2,000 grant will be used to support RCTC’s chemistry research program. The Chemistry Department will purchase a comparison microscope to be used in a newly created forensics chemistry course. Upgrades will also be made to the department’s infrared instrumentation.

The cash awards are part of IBM’s community grants program. An IBM retiree who has a designated number of volunteer hours with an organization can write and submit a grant request. A group of retired engineers, the Kiwanis Day Makers Mad Scientists, comprised primarily of IBM retirees, initiated these two grants. The group includes Larry Segar, Larry Krob, Steve Keidl, Eric Skuldt, Dave Siljenberg, Bruce Keller, Karl Shidler and Peter Schuh. These engineers volunteer in RCTC’s physics and chemistry labs where they build new demonstrations, repair and test equipment, and assist students with research projects. The generosity of these, and other volunteers, enables the College to offer students opportunities they would not otherwise have.

For further information about RCTC’s engineering program, contact?rod.milbrant@rctc.edu?and for additional information about RCTC’s chemistry department, contact?jason.jadin@rctc.edu. More on RCTC’s science programs can be found online.

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