RCTC Student Beehive – April 1, 2020

In light of the COVID-19 changes, the Beehive is one tool that will be used to relay important information to you as it becomes available. It’s likely that it will no longer be a Wednesday publication but rather we will send it out as is necessary to keep you updated.  Please be sure to take advantage of The Hive (this blog).  It has loads of information in addition to the Beehive!

Check out the following links for important resources that are available to you:

Yellowjackets, We Miss You!
Campus Hours of Operation
Students, Check your Email!
Learning Center is Available to Students Virtually
RCTC information on COVID-19
Minn State Staff are Here to Help with Student Technology!
Stress Management Resources
Fall Registration is Open

Yellowjackets your faculty and staff have some words of affirmation for you as we transition back into classes this week! We will be posting new affirmations each day this week on our social media! Although we are physically apart at this time, know you are very much on our minds! Remember a virus can spread far and fast, but love, hope, and help can spread too!#yellowjacketstrong💙💛 #takingcareofourhive #beekind🐝

Make sure you follow us on Twitter @RCTC_SL Instagram @rctc_sl and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/StudentLifeRCTC for more words of affirmation.

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In the interest of reducing risks associated with the current COVID-19 situation, on Monday, March 30, RCTC began implementing new building access procedures.  This includes a continuation of modified building hours and how students, faculty, and staff can access our campus buildings.  The rationale behind these procedures is to reduce campus building access to the general public for non-RCTC uses, thereby reducing the number of potential exposures to COVID-19.

Campus Building Hours
For the week of March 30th, the hours of operation will be 8am-4:30pm Monday through Friday.  PLEASE NOTE:  The buildings will only be open 10:00am-2:00pm on Saturday, April 4. The only entrance point at the Main Campus will be the Atrium.  All other exterior doors will be locked and magnetic card access will be disabled.  The Heintz Center will not be open except for specific academic purposes which have been arranged through Academic Affairs.  We will monitor these hours throughout the week and make any adjustments for subsequent weeks.  Please watch your email for important updates.

Building Access Procedures
Campus personnel will be stationed at the Main Campus Atrium entrance where anyone wishing to access the building will need to show a campus ID or provide rationale for visiting (e.g. drop off paperwork/Hive Supply).  Those individuals granted access will be given a daily sticker which must be worn at all times on campus and handed a color-coded sticker granting them access to a computer lab/WiFi area.  Anyone on campus must practice social distancing techniques plus good hygiene practices including hand washing.  These practices are similar to those used by other large organizations in our area.

Students needing access to a computer lab or WiFi will be directed to the 3rd floor of the Student Services Building where they will enter the LTC in the Library just down the hall from the Atrium elevator and stairway.  Restrooms will be available on the 3rd floor of the Science and Technology building.  There will be no access to the library during this time.

West Campus/Heintz Center

The Heintz Center is closed to the public. In those instances where approved academic activities will occur, employees must have Campus Security let them in the building via door H8 (H1000 Suite/ East entrance). Select employees will then in-turn escort students to their lab spaces (e.g. Vet Tech, Auto, Welding). The Community Health Clinic will be operating a mobile clinic from the West Lot and no patients will be allowed in the building.  Reminder: beginning Wednesday, March 25, construction work on College View Rd will begin closing the road between the east Heintz entrance and East Circle Drive.

As we offer our courses in alternative formats, we want to make sure our students can still access the support they need.  At the same time, we seek to limit exposure of those on our campus to COVID-19 and other illnesses.  If you have any questions regarding these new procedures, please do not hesitate to reach out to your dean or supervisor.

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Students! Remember to check your email, D2L, the RCTC website, and the RCTC App for the most up-to-date information on your classes, and COVID-19 information.

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Just a quick message to let all of you know that the Learning Center is available to serve students. Although the campus Learning Center itself will be closed, tutors will be working remotely to support you via email and web conferencing.

Please check out the Learning Center website for the most up-to-date information.

Good luck with your classes for the remainder of this semester. The Learning Center staff looks forward to supporting students as we navigate the weeks ahead.

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Just a reminder that RCTC has a COVID-19 website with up to the minute information regarding anything related to RCTC.  There are numerous resources and a form to request help for various COVID-19 needs which students may have during this time. Check out this website and remember…you’re not alone!  We’re here to help!

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Check out this Minnesota State site for help with all of your online learning needs during COVID-19.  Minnesota State staff are here to help you.  This site has tutorials and tips to succeed in online learning. Check it out today!

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As we make our way through this strange time, some of us may be feeling overwhelmed by academic concerns, personal worries, or relationship issues.  If you are feeling this way, RCTC Student Health Services has a new service that can help!

Yellowjacket Check-In is a free, confidential Zoom meeting with a licensed therapist.  During your Yellowjacket Check-In meeting, the therapist will help you discover individualized strategies to manage your stress level and get you connected with campus and community resources.

To schedule a Yellowjacket Check-In online meeting, go to https://healthservices.rctc.edu, select “Yellowjacket Check-In” and choose the date and time that works for you.  After scheduling, you will receive an email with a self-reflection survey to complete before your online appointment.

Questions?  Email us at HealthServices@rctc.edu

Yellowjackets take care of their HIVE!

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If you are feeling overwhelmed and considering dropping, please reach out to your academic advisor/counselor first. Things are changing rapidly surrounding COVID-19 and we want to ensure that you make the best decision possible for your academic and financial future. You may make an appointment to meet virtually with your advisor.

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FALL 2020 Registration is now open for ALL students!

You can check your window by logging in to the eServices site, selecting the ‘Registration’ tab and the proper year/term, then clicking on the ‘Registration Window’ link.

All students are strongly encouraged to meet virtually with their academic advisor or counselor prior to registering for any term. Log onto advisortrac.rctc.edu to set up an appointment.

Fall Semester Application Deadline is August 10, 2020

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