RCTC Student Beehive – February 10, 2021

Check out the following links for important RCTC information:

Scholarship Portal Closes in 2 Days
Spring Graduation Application Deadline
Athletic Activities
Student Government Spring Election

The scholarship portal to apply for RCTC Foundation Scholarships for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters is closing on Friday, February 12. Please make sure that you have completed all of the necessary steps and submitted your application. If you have any questions about whether or not your application is complete please check out the Foundation website link for more info. If any of the scholarships you are interested in have additional requirements, these must also be completed by February 12.

As a reminder, the portal cannot be reopened after February 12 and the Foundation cannot accept paper copies of applications.

If you have any questions, please contact the Foundation office at 281-7771 or send an email to foundation@rctc.edu

We look forward to seeing your applications!

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The Spring 2021 Graduation Application Deadline is February 24, 2021.  Students seeking to graduate should complete the application and attach a DARS audit that reads “All requirements complete” before submitting it to the Records and Registration Office for processing.  If your audit states that you are missing a requirement, please meet with your advisor or counselor ASAP for resolution.  Graduation applications and instructions are available online.

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Support the intercollegiate athletic teams at RCTC via Livestream!  Check the athletics site for upcoming home games Livestream links. Links are located on team schedule pages!! Despite limited in person spectators you can still Cheer on the Yellowjackets from the comfort of home!

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Applications are now open for students to run in the 2021 Student Government Spring Election. If you are a student who is passionate about making a change at RCTC, would be a great leader, or are looking for an out of class learning experience, please apply! Check out the Student Government website for additional details including the Intent to Run form. Applications close March 12. Elections are March 15-16. Questions? Contact Kodi Hoscheit at kodi.hoscheit@rctc.edu.

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Did you know that RCTC has set aside a room for quiet meditation?  It is located in the Goddard Library (GL204).  Students are invited to use the Meditation Room whenever they’d like according to the following guidelines:

  • There should be no more than 1 person in the room at one time.
  • The door handles should be cleaned BEFORE and AFTER Cleaning supplies are
  • available right outside the room.
  • This space is intended for meditation or quiet reflection. Please take conversation, music,
  • game playing, electronics and any noisemakers to other locations on campus.
  • This is a cell phone and electronics free zone.
  • Bring in what you need but leave nothing behind.
  • Please keep this area clear and free of messages. There are appropriate message boards
  • for your use located on campus.
  • Study space is available in the library. Please do not study in the Meditation Room.
  • So that all may have access to the Meditation Room, please limit your visit to no more
  • than 30 minutes at a time.

Stop by today!

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Thursday, February 11

Friday, February 12

  • BHM Skin Deep Conversations
  • Virtual Conversations held between RCTC Students, Staff and Faculty (SSF)
  • BHM Express Yourself
    Opportunity for RCTC SSF to create their own expressive material for BHM
  • BHM Friday Weekly
  • Conversation prompts posted:  Every Friday, new comversation prompts will be posted on the Student Life website and social media outlets.

Saturday, February 13

  • LGBTQ+ Club Social Ice Event, 6:00pm
    Meet at the RCTC Foundation Ice Sculpture with the other LGBTQ+ Club members to socialize at the Rochester Social Ice Event.

Monday, February 15

Tuesday, February 16

  • BHM Skin Deep Conversations
  • Virtual Conversations held between RCTC Students, Staff and Faculty (SSF)
  • BHM Express Yourself
    Opportunity for RCTC SSF to create their own expressive material for BHM
  • Trill or Not Trill Allyship Workshop, 12:00pm
    The Ally Skills Workshop focuses on facilitating conversation. The workshop will help participants become aware of privilege and power. Learn about allyship and community building. The workshop provides practical tools and provides resources for continued learning.
    Meeting ID: 917 9768 6331
    Passcode: 265129
  • Trill or Not Trill Allyship Workshop, 2:00pm
    Designed to give an easy step by step process for anyone interested in contributing to the Social Justice Movements. This session will guide participants in understanding what the Black Lives Matter Movement is, foundational tips for further learning about Systematic Racism, the different roles needed to impact social change and an understanding of their own privileges, powers and talents they possess that can support the movement.
    Meeting ID: 963 2394 6452
    Passcode: 034810

Wednesday, February 17

Events Coming Spring Semester

February 1-28, 2021 BLM Skin Deep Conversations
BLM Express Yourself
February 18, 2021 RCTC GROW – Equity and Inclusion Training
February 19, 2021 BHM – Friday Weekly Conversation prompts posted
February 22, 2021 MSU Moorhead Transfer Open House
February 23, 2021 Trill or Not Trill Blackout
MSU Moorhead Transfer Open House
February 24, 2021 SDSU Drop-In and Go
MSU Moorhead Transfer Open House
February 25, 2021 MSU Moorhead Transfer Open House
February 26, 2021 Employee Development Day – NO CLASSES
BHM – Friday Weekly Conversation Prompts Posted
March 8-12, 2021 Spring Break – NO CLASSES
March 16, 2021 Free Speech on Campus
March 30, 2021 Building Confidence
April 20, 2021 Employee Development Day – NO CLASSES
May 12, 2021 Spring Semester Ends
May 13, 2021 Virtual Commencement
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