RCTC Student Beehive – January 20, 2021

Check out the following links for important RCTC information:

Student Success Day
Power in Diversity Leadership Conference
Phi Theta Kappa Invites to Arrive Soon
Failure for Non-Attendance (FN) and Failure to Withdraw (FW)
Weather/Emergency Closings
RCTC Student Printing
Scholarship Portal Closes in Less Than 30 Days
President’s List/Dean’s List/High Academic Achievement List
Spring and Summer Graduates
Student Achievements
The Learning Center is Here for You!
Tobacco Free Campus – Inside and Out

Student Success Day (SSD) is an opportunity to connect with friends, faculty and staff while attending sessions designed to help you succeed at RCTC and beyond! Mark your calendars; Student Success Day returns on January 27, 2021! Don’t miss this FREE one-day event designed just for you! All activities are held virtually. Check out the Student Success Day webpage for more information.

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RCTC is proud to sponsor St. Cloud State University’s 12th annual Power in Diversity Leadership Conference that will be held virtually on January 29-30, 2021. The theme is Unleash Justice. As a sponsor of the event, RCTC’s faculty, staff, and students can attend for free. The link to register is located here.

The Power in Diversity Leadership Conference has been vital to the personal growth and leadership skill development of college students of color and underrepresented ​students over the past decade.

The conference line up this year is designed to ensure students have access to the same leadership and personal growth opportunities in a virtual setting. The event organizers are in negotiation with Yusef Salaam, member of the Central Park Five, to open the conference and share his journey and personal experiences fighting for justice. Crystal Leigh Endsley, activist and professor of Africana Studies at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York, will set the stage for a racial caucusing activity. Participants will self-select into racial identity conversation groups such as Native American; Asian, South Asian, Black/African/African American; Latinx; and White ally’s.  These discussions will be facilitated by skilled faculty, staff, and community members. While in these safe spaces, people of color will share their experiences of racism and internalized racism and work toward empowerment. White ally’s will examine and discuss whiteness and white privilege. Keynote Endsley will then close the conference with an address that honors these individual and group experiences and unites us in solidarity.

Questions and/or more information:  pidc@stcloudstate.edu or 320-308-7432​

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Attention students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher! Be checking your email in the next few weeks for an invitation to join Phi Theta Kappa, the ONLY Honor Society officially recognized by RCTC. Phi Theta Kappa members make the most of their community college experience by being active members of our chapter and contributing their time and talents to activities related to PTK’s hallmarks of scholarship, leadership, fellowship, and service.

Invitations to join Phi Theta Kappa will come directly from Dr. Jamie Mahlberg, RCTC psychology instructor and Phi Theta Kappa advisor. You can feel comfortable treating all other “honor society” invitations (honorsociety.org, honorsocietyinvite@gmail.com, etc.) as spam and deleting them.

To learn more about Phi Theta Kappa, you can visit ptk.org or email Dr. Jamie Mahlberg at jamie.mahlberg@rctc.edu.

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Instructors may assign students the grades of FN and FW.  The grade designations are for students who never attend a class and students who stop attending a class during the semester but do not officially withdraw.  These grades carry the same weight as a failing grade (F).  Withdrawals from courses where students were assigned an FN or FW cannot be made using the eServices site.  If students are assigned an FN or FW grade prior to the end of the withdraw date for a course, they can still elect to withdraw but must do so in person at the Records and Registration Office.

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When emergency situations – severe weather, power failure, fire, loss of water, or other serious event – force the closing of the campus or the cancellation of day, evening, or weekend classes, local radio and television stations will be notified and announcements broadcast at frequent intervals. The decision to suspend operations and/or cancel classroom instruction and activities is made as early in the day as possible.

Snow/Storm Closings
Weather reports are monitored 24/7 by College officials. The decision to cancel classes is made after an assessment involving the following criteria:

  • Severity of the weather conditions
  • Expected duration of the storm
  • Vehicular travel conditions throughout the service area
  • Ability to render campus and outreach center roadways, sidewalks, and parking lots safely usable

If a decision is made to suspend morning classes, notifications will be sent prior to 6 a.m. or as soon thereafter as possible. A decision regarding evening classes may be made by 3 p.m. or as soon thereafter as possible.

When inclement weather strikes the area, students are advised to first consider the conditions in their immediate area relative to traveling safely. Conditions may vary significantly within the service area of the College and its outreach centers. Decisions regarding College operations are made on the general status of the overall service area.

Students are ultimately responsible for their own safety and travel decisions. Coursework is also the continuing responsibility of students. A decision to be absent from a class for any reason does not exonerate students from their full responsibility to complete all prescribed coursework. If you decide not to attend class, please notify your instructor(s).

In the event that classes are cancelled, the following notification methods will provide timely information regarding campus status:

  • RCTC ALERT (free text message service)
  • TV Broadcast Channels/Radio Broadcast
  • College’s homepage
  • Student Email

Special Note:  While a complete campus closure may occur on campus, because of the shared facility space agreement with the City of Rochester, the Regional Sports Center may remain open for scheduled community events.

Faculty individually canceling classes for personal or medical leave will be posted on the faculty absence webpage.

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RCTC implemented student print accounting to promote Green conservation, help control rising printing costs, and aid in keeping student technology fees down.  The following information represents RCTC’s student printing guidelines.

RCTC students will receive 500 sheets/credits of paper into their print accounts at the start of each semester which can be used for either single sided or double sided (duplex) black laser printing.

Currently the Library Technology Center (LTC), located on the third floor of the library, and the Comprehensive Learning Center (AT 306), support duplex printing.  RCTC is continually expanding duplex printing services throughout campus and will keep updated changes on the RCTC Student Printing webpage.

Each student that logs on to a campus computer will be able to track and purchase additional sheets/credits of paper through the print management account icon on the computer desktop.

For frequently asked questions and additional details, visit the website at:  http://www.rctc.edu/technology/printing/

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The RCTC Foundation’s scholarship portal is still open but will close in less than one month on Friday, February 12, 2021! Please apply if you need financial assistance to attend RCTC. Check out the Scholarship Portal today! It is important to remember that these scholarships will be for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 and the portal will not open again until later this year.

Please call the Foundation office at 281-7771 with any questions.

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At RCTC, excellence in scholastic achievement is recognized by compiling three lists of students.  The qualifications for each list are as follows:

  • President’s List: Students must have completed 12 credits or more for the same semester with a 4.0 GPA. Students on the President’s List receive a hard copy letter and certificate signed by the President.
  • Dean’s List: Students must have completed 12 credits or more for the same semester with a 3.5-3.99 GPA.  Students on the Dean’s List receive an email of recognition signed by the VPs of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.
  • High Academic Achievement: Students must have completed 9-11 credits for the same semester with a 3.5-4.0 GPA. Students on the High Academic Achievement List receive an email of recognition signed by the VPs of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.

Additionally, the credit courses completed must have earned grade points.  Credits for P (Pass) and grades of I (Incomplete), AU (Audit), and W (Withdrawal), and NC (No Credit) are excluded from the count. These lists are posted in the Records and Registration area and at the Heintz Center, as well as distributed to local media.  A listing can also be downloaded from the College website.  The list for Fall Semester 2020 has been distributed.

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Graduation applications are due within the first 30 days of the semester you intend on completing program requirements.  The Spring 2021 Graduation Application Deadline is February 24, 2021 and Summer 2021 Graduation Application Deadline is March 22, 2021.  You can find the Graduation application online. Accurate and complete DARS Audits must be attached to the application.  You can access your DARS Audit through the eServices site.

RCTC will have a virtual Commencement ceremony this year and we hope all of our graduates will participate. Stay tuned for information on how you can join us virtually to celebrate your success!

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Rochester Community and Technical College wants to make sure that you’re recognized for your achievements. RCTC uses a platform called The Link to publicize your accomplishments like making the dean’s list and graduating from RCTC. This platform allows us to send news items about your achievements back to your hometown newspapers.

You always have the option to “opt-out” of publicity about your success by following the College’s non-disclosure process as per Student Data Practices Policy which can be viewed on our website.  Students who do not want to disclose directory information must submit specific written requests to the Records and Registration Office by contacting the office for additional information and/or to obtain a “Request for Non-Disclosure” form.

We look forward to celebrating your achievements with your local hometown media and online. Keep up the good work and be on the lookout for emails about your accomplishments!

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The Learning Center provides FREE tutoring for all RCTC and WSU-R students to help them build the skills and confidence needed to be successful in their coursework and reach their academic goals. Our tutors are specialists in their content areas and are eager to help you.

For the Spring 2021 semester, the Learning Center will be open for both in-person and online tutoring.  There are many different options for getting help:  drop-in help, scheduled appointments with a tutor, email questions and essay review, scheduling workspaces.  Check out the Learning Center website for hours and services and find what is best for you.

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RCTC is a TOBACCO FREE campus.  Smoking, tobacco use, and tobacco sales (including the use or sale of smokeless tobacco products) are prohibited on college owned, operated, or leased property, including all college owned vehicles.  This includes any building or structure; athletic playing field, playground, parking lot or any other outdoor property owned, leased or contracted by RCTC.

The policy is not intended to deny individuals their use of tobacco products and provides for an exception of tobacco use in private vehicles in college parking lots.   You can view the full policy here.

There are cessation services available in Olmsted County.

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