RCTC Student Beehive – October 19, 2020

This Beehive was sent out early for you so you wouldn’t miss all the great events and activities in the coming week!

Check out the following links for important RCTC information:

Recently Moved?
2 Reminders for Students in Need
Student Event: Anti-Racism as Action
Student Event:  Healthy Relationships
RCTC Theatre Presents: “2020 Vision”
Don’t Thumb it up Behind the Wheel

It’s important to keep your mailing address current, so you receive essential college communications. Keeping your address current also helps us all by lowering costs of returned and re-sent mail.

If you have moved since your initial application to RCTC, you can update your address in person at the Records and Registration office or in the eServices site in the demographic information section.


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Rochester Salvation Army is hosting two events that could be useful to students with financial challenges:

Minnesota Workforce Center would like us all to be reminded about Dislocated Worker Funds. If you have been laid off, and are (or were) receiving unemployment, you may qualify for Dislocated Worker Funds. Call 507-292-5152 to schedule an appointment.

As always, Nancy Nixa and Deb Vang (RCTC Counselors) are available to meet with students in need.

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You care deeply about fighting and dismantling racism, but you have no idea where to start.

How can you (or your organization) be actionably anti-racist and not just a performative ally? This interactive session will help you (and your organization) build a roadmap toward fighting anti-blackness and dismantling racism both on a personal level (internally) through your organization and out in the world (externally).

Participants will learn the distinction between structural racism and interpersonal racial prejudice, interrogate examples and impacts of implicit bias, identify concrete strategies to unlearn and counteract individual racism, and will leave with five (5) actionable strategies to fight structural racism in your team, company, community, and beyond. Using history, intersectionality, and personal experience as frames for discussion, participants will collectively explore these and other concepts.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 992 6762 4343
Passcode: 816201

Questions about this and other Student Life events?  Check out the Student Life website or contact Travis Rutt, Student Life Coordinator.

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Students can join in a virtual conversation about Healthy Relationships with Dr. Lori Bednarchik.  Dr. Lori Bednarchik is an award-winning college professor and program developer; certified health education specialist; professional speaker, and one of the nation’s leading experts on sexual consent and communication. For the past decade, she has worked closely with athletes, fraternity men, and college students across the country, challenging their norms surrounding relationships, consent, and sex. In the age of #MeToo and #TimesUp, and an increasingly divided discussion of sexual misconduct, Lori is a refreshing, uncensored, uninhibited, and positive voice.​

Wednesday, October 21st
2:00-3:00 p.m.
Students can RSVP here to receive a link to the zoom meeting.

This event is open to any Minnesota State colleges and universities student and funding was provided by the Minnesota State Office of Equity and Inclusion.

Please contact Becca Peine, Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities & Title IX Coordinator with questions.

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Join us for an evening of original writings highlighting comedic, dramatic, and fantastical viewpoints of this very unusual year. Writers: Jeff Hand, Jerry Casper along with current and former RCTC Theatre students: Luke Austin, Alex Wilkins, and Anli Winters. Directed by Jerry Casper.

Show runs approximately 50-60 minutes with no intermission.

Friday, October 23 at 6:00pm and 7:30pm
Saturday, October 24 at 2:00pm and 6:00pm
Hill Theatre

Tickets: $5.00 each. RCTC Students get in free with valid student ID.
507-285-7200 for tickets and more information.

NOTE: Since seating availability is limited due to social distancing guidelines, prior reservations are strongly encouraged. Masks will be required for all in attendance. Completion of the Covid-19 screening questionnaire will be required of all attendees at the building entrance. Theatre goers may enter and exit through East Hall doors on performance nights. RCTC Theatre thanks you for your cooperation. Practicing a little caution and distancing now helps keep everyone safe and will make it possible for us to host future events.

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Are you putting lives at risk while illegally texting and driving?  Are you a headbobber? Do you text and drive while holding the phone down low only rarely glancing up at the road? Or are you a sneak peeker?  Do you check for texts at stop lights or while stuck in traffic?

Minnesota now has a hands-free law in place. It is illegal for drivers to hold their device while driving. This means no calling, texting, emailing, browsing, chatting or posting – including while stopped at a traffic light or stuck in traffic.

What can you do to increase your chances of staying safe on the road?

  • Cell phones — turn off cell phones or place them out of reach to avoid the urge to dial/answer or read or send a text. If a passenger is present, ask them to handle calls/texts.
  • Set up your phone to send auto-replies stating you are unavailable to callers while you are driving.
  • If you are a passenger, speak up to stop the driver from becoming distracted.
  • Music and other controls — pre-program favorite radio stations and arrange music in an easy-to-access spot. Adjust mirrors and AC/heat before traveling or ask a passenger to assist.
  • Navigation — designate a passenger to serve as a co-pilot to help with directions. If driving alone, map out destinations in advance, and pull over to study a map or program the GPS.
  • Eating and drinking — try to avoid food/beverage (especially messy foods) and have drinks secured.

Rochester Community and Technical College is promoting this important lifesaving message on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.  We want our students to STAY SAFE!


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