RCTC Student Beehive – October 26, 2016


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NUTR 1211 is Now BIOL 1211!
Declared Major
Spring Registration 2017
Financial Aid SAP
Return to Title IV

NUTR 1211 IS NOW BIOL 1211
Looking for NUTR 1211 (Principles of Nutrition)? NUTR 1211 is now BIOL 1211!
It’s the same great course, just a different prefix! REGISTER TODAY!

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To ensure you’re planning the right academic course, check your academic major shown on your degree audit report (DARS) in the eServices site. If you need to declare a major change, please contact the admissions office in person or via phone at 507-285-7268.

Updates to your DARS audit are automatic when you change or add a major or submit updated transcripts from another institution. Please wait 48 hours for major changes to take effect before you view your audit.Updated transfer evaluations may take 2-3 weeks and an email will be sent to your school account once the evaluation is complete.

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Spring 2017 registration OPENS for current and returning degree-seeking students according to the schedule below.

Current and Returning Students:

Selective Admission* Web Tuesday, October 18
Earned 45 or more credits Web Monday, October 24
Earned 30-44 credits Web Tuesday, October 25
PSEO Earned 30 or more credits Counter See Brooke Kosok to register
Earned 1-29 credits Web Friday, October 28
PSEO Earned 1-29 credits Counter See Brooke Kosok to register
Earned 0 credits Web Tuesday, November 1
Current and returning degree-seeking Counter Wednesday, November 2

New Admitted/Degree Seeking Students:

RCTC New Students




Will receive enrollment information once application is processed.

Visitor and Non-Degree Seeking Students:

Non-Degree Seeking Web Beginning November 10
Visiting Students Web Beginning November 10

Web windows open at 7:30am.

You can check your window by logging in to the eServices site, selecting the ‘Registration’ tab and the proper year/term, then clicking on the ‘Registration Window’ link. If you have any questions regarding registration, e-mail the admissions office at registration@rctc.edu or call us at (507) 285-7268 or (800) 247-1296 ext. 7268.

Transfer students may register by participating in an orientation session or by completing the online orientation at www.rctc.edu/orientation.

All students are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor or counselor prior to registering for any term.

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Students receiving Financial Aid at RCTC must be making academic progress toward their degree. Following each term, students are evaluated to determine if they are maintaining a cumulative (overall) GPA of 2.0 and completing at least 67% of all attempted credits. Students not meeting these standards are placed on Warning and may be allowed to continue receiving financial aid for one semester. Students who fail to meet the standards for two consecutive semesters will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension and become ineligible for all types of financial aid.

Financial Aid students are also evaluated to ensure they have attempted no more than 150% of the credits required for their program (including transfer credits). If the student fails to meet this criteria, also known as Maximum Timeframe?, the student is immediately placed on Financial Aid Suspension, without warning.

For more details about these requirements and a description of how the policy is applied, please review the RCTC Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.(website reference: ?http://www.rctc.edu/financialaid/pdfs/RCTCPolicy292FASatisfactoryAcademicProgressPolicy-02102015.pdf )

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Students who do not complete all registered courses in a semester may be required to repay a portion of the Financial Aid funding which was disbursed.? The amount of repayment is based on the number of days the student attended and/or participated in classes. The RCTC Return to Title IV Refund policy describes the process used to calculate any amounts that must be returned. Students who totally withdraw from courses as well as those who simply stop attending are affected by this policy. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information if you are considering a total withdrawal or if you have stopped attending your courses. We can help you understand your responsibilities. (website reference: http://www.rctc.edu/financialaid/pdfs/ReturntoTitleIVRefundPolicy021015.pdf )

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