RCTC Student Beehive – September 4, 2019

Check out the following links for important RCTC information:
Wednesday, September 11 – Student Success Day

Student Success Day – September 11
Join Student Government
Yellowjacket Pledge
Mental Health First Aid – September 11
New Students: Sexual Violence Prevention Training
RCTC Policies
RCTC Harassment/Discrimination Complaint Procedure
RCTC Emergency Alert
Fall Graduates
Student Achievements
Rochester Healthcare Job Fair – September 11

You are invited to attend Student Success Day on September 11. Student Success Day (SSD) is an opportunity to connect with friends, faculty and staff while attending sessions designed to help you succeed at RCTC and beyond! You also get free lunch! There will be no regular classes that day so you can spend the day gleaning information on how you can get the most out of your time at RCTC! For more information, check out our website. Hope to see you on September 11.

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RCTC Student Government has open Student Senator positions. Be part of advocating on behalf of RCTC students and have your voice heard on campus! Student Senator positions are paid and offer great opportunities for travel, leadership development, and networking. Apply by noon on September 12, to be a candidate in the 2019 Fall General Election. Details can be found here.

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The Yellowjacket Pledge provides students with an opportunity to make a commitment to their personal success as a student and for taking an active role in helping to make the college a respectful, caring, safe, and positive climate for everyone. Signing the pledge is a way to show your support for the mission, vision, and values of Rochester Community and Technical College by committing to being a positive and engaged member of our College community.

The pledge is not enforceable as a policy but provides a shared understanding of what it means to be a Yellowjacket.

Are you ready to be a leader and model respect, integrity, civility, compassion, and responsibility to others?

Are you ready to help make our campus a more caring, collaborative, and positive environment to support your success and the success of others?

If you answered YES? then sign the Yellowjacket Pledge here.

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As part of Student Success Day (Wednesday, September 11) up to 30 students will be able to participate in Mental Health First Aid. Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour course that teaches you how to help someone who?may be experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge. The training helps you identify, understand and respond to signs of addictions and mental illnesses.

Just as CPR training helps a person with no clinical training assist an individual following a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid training helps a person assist someone experiencing a mental health crisis such as contemplating suicide. In both situations, the goal is to help support an individual?until appropriate professional?help arrives. Mental Health First Aiders learn a single 5-step strategy that includes assessing risk, respectfully listening to and supporting the individual in crisis, and identifying appropriate professional help and other supports.

Participants are also introduced to risk factors and warning signs for mental health or substance use problems, engage in experiential activities that build understanding of the impact of illness on individuals and families, and learn about evidence-supported treatment and self-help strategies. Participants receive a certificate and certification is valid for three years. The training is a great opportunity to develop skills to help others and would look great on a resume.

Please note that this training is eight hours long and will take place on Student Success Day from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Participants will receive a free lunch and are expected to participate in the full training for certification.

Students can register for Mental Health First Aid here.

For more information on Mental Health First Aid please visit: https://www.mentalhealthfirstaid.org/

A special thank you to the Southeast Minnesota Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for providing the funding to support this student training.

Contact Becca Peine at rebecca.peine@rctc.edu with questions about the training.

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As a member of the Rochester Community and Technical College community, you play an important role in creating a safe learning and working environment for students, faculty, and staff. In order to support you in this role all NEW STUDENTS have been enrolled in a required online course named Sexual Violence Prevention Training (SVPT). You are not being charged for the SVPT course as it is a required prevention program for all Minnesota State students and complies with state and federal mandates. We ask that you participate so you have the opportunity to learn and understand the information necessary to help keep our College community safe for all.

SVPT Instructions
NEW STUDENTS should complete the program by Monday, September 9, 2019. To enter the course, login to D2L Brightspace with your StarID and password. If you have difficulties with your username or password, please contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) at 507-536-5555 or tech.help@rctc.edu. You will be able to use the same process to re-enter the program to complete it in several sittings if you choose without having to start over. You will retain access to the programs until January 2020 for reference purposes.

If at any time you have general questions or concerns regarding the program requirements, please contact the Title IX Coordinator at 507-285-7195 or rebecca.peine@rctc.edu.

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As we begin a new academic year, it is time to remind all students of their responsibility to familiarize themselves with, and adhere to, state, system, and college policies. All Minnesota State and RCTC policies are available through the RCTC website.

Policies include information on such things as:

  • Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology Resources
  • Fraudulent or Other Dishonest Acts
  • Student Complaint
  • Reports/Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment Investigation and Resolution
  • Satisfactory Progress (Academic and Financial Aid)
  • Weather/Emergency Closings

Visit our policy webpage, type a keyword to search or choose from the list of categories provided. The website is intended to function as a convenient reference. Although the site is updated regularly, it is impossible to guarantee complete accuracy at all times. In the event of any discrepancy between the policy documents formally approved and the policies listed on the website, the former shall be the governing version.

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Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) is committed to conducting all personnel and educational activities without regard to race, sex, color, creed, religion, age, national origin, disability, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, or membership or activity in a local commission as defined by law.

RCTC will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of these protected class categories in accordance with all state and federal equal opportunity/affirmative action laws, directives, orders, and regulations.

Any student or employee who feels they are a victim of, or hears or witnesses such behavior should inform one of the following:

Complaints should be directed to:
Ricki Walters
Regional Diversity Trainer & Investigator
(507) 433-0368
Ricki. Walters@riverland.edu

If you require an accommodation for a disability please contact:
Travis Kromminga
Director of Disability Support Services
(507) 280-2968

The official complaint procedure and complaint form may be found on the RCTC website.

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In the interest of promoting the safety of our campus community, Rochester Community and Technical College has implemented an emergency notification system, RCTC Emergency Alert.

What is RCTC Emergency Alert?
RCTC’s emergency notification system makes it possible for students, employees, and community members to receive quick notifications by text, phone and email for campus emergencies that threaten life or safety and/or severely impact standard campus operations. The RCTC Emergency Alert system will only be used in emergency situations.

How do I sign up for alerts?
RCTC Students and Employees:? All current RCTC students and employees automatically receive RCTC Emergency Alerts at their RCTC email accounts. If you wish to receive alerts as a text message, a phone message, or at another email address, you need to set up an account by using either your RCTC email address or a personal email address as a user ID. You will need to establish a password for this account.

AllOthers:? Non-RCTC students and employees may sign-up to receive RCTC Emergency Alerts. If you wish to receive alerts as a text message, a phone message, or at an email address, you need to set up an account by using an email address as a user ID. You will need to establish a password for this account.

Password Settings: ?Passwords must be at least 8 characters, include 1 lower-case letter, 1 capital letter and 1 number. Spaces and special characters are not permitted.

Sign In / Sign Up

Other Helpful Information

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Graduation applications are due within the first 30 days of the semester you intend on completing program requirements.The Fall Semester Graduation Application Deadline is Tuesday, October 8, 2019.? Accurate and complete DARS Audits must be attached to the application. You can access your DARS Audit through the eServices site. Graduation applications and other information are available on our website.

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Rochester Community and Technical College wants to make sure that you’re recognized for your achievements. RCTC uses a platform called The Link to publicize your accomplishments like making the dean’s list and graduating from RCTC. This platform allows us to send news items about your achievements back to your hometown newspapers.

You always have the option to “opt-out” of publicity about your success by following the College’s non-disclosure process as per Student Data Practices Policy which can be viewed on our website. Students who do not want to disclose directory information must submit specific written requests to the Admissions and Records Office by contacting the office for additional information and/or to obtain a Request for Non-Disclosure? form.

We look forward to celebrating your achievements with your local hometown media and online. Keep up the good work and be on the lookout for emails about your accomplishments!

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Join us for the Healthcare Job Fair on Wednesday, September 11 from 10:00am-12:00pm in the Heintz Center on the RCTC campus. The address to the Heintz Center is 1926 Collegeview Road E, Rochester, MN? 55904. There will be many employers on site to talk to you about positions you may be interested in. This event is sponsored by JobsHQ, Post Bulletin, CareerForce, Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce and Rochester Community and Technical College. There will also be 10 gift cards given away at this event. You can find more information Career Fairs. Hope to see you there!

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Friday, September 6

  • Volleyball vs. DMACC, RCTC Invitational, 1:00pm RCTC
  • Volleyball vs. College of DuPage, RCTC Invitational, 5:00pm RCTC

Saturday, September 7

  • Football vs. Northland CTC, 1:30pm, RCTC
  • Volleyball vs. Madison College, RCTC Invitational, 3:00pm, RCTC
  • Volleyball vs. NIACC, RCTC Invitational, 5:00pm, RCTC

Sunday, September 8

  • Soccer vs. Gustavus Adolphus, 3:00pm, RCTC

Wednesday, September 11

  • STUDENT SUCCESS DAY, Non-Class Activities
  • Mental Health First Aid, 8:00am-4:30pm, HS131
  • Healthcare Job Fair, 10:00am-12:00pm, Heintz Center
  • Soccer vs. DCTC, 6:00pm, RCTC
  • Volleyball vs. MN West, 6:30pm, Away

Intramurals information can be found on the Yellowjackets Athletics website for RCTC.

Events Coming this Semester

September 14
Scholarship Awards Ceremony – Incoming/Returning/Recipients
September 16-21
September 17
Constitution Day
October 17-18 Education MN Conference – NO CLASSES
October 22 WILD Game – Off-Campus Trip
November 11 Veterans’ Day – NO CLASSES
November 28-29 Thanksgiving Break – NO CLASSES
December 8 Vikings Game – Off-Campus Trip
Football, Soccer and Volleyball games either at home or away every week
Intramural Sports every week
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