RCTC Students Create and Donate Diversity-Themed Artwork

RCTC’s Art & Design Club has generously donated a custom piece of art to the College. The 48” x 48” oil on canvas work will be publicly displayed in RCTC’s Atrium. While currently untitled, the theme for the piece is diversity.

The RCTC students who created the artwork include: Munira Alimire, Omnya Mohamed, Vivian Nguyen, Edward Otterness, Katie Scherger, Lul Sharif, and Chloe Thiemann.

Prior to the unveiling, the artwork has had an interesting journey. Art & Design Club students designed and began working on the oil on canvas last fall.  In mid-December of 2017, the artwork went missing from the RCTC art studio. Through some great detective work and helpful technology on campus, the artwork was located off campus and returned to the Art & Design Club.

For further information about this RCTC student art, contact RCTC’s Art + Design Instructor, Jeffery Jacobsen at jeffrey.jacobsen@rctc.edu or 507-280-3139.

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