RCTC Students Only Minnesotans Awarded Prestigious Cooke Foundation Scholarships

RCTC is honored to announce two of its students, Sarah Brakebill-Hacke and Munira Alimire, have been awarded prestigious Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarships. These RCTC students are the only recipients in the state of Minnesota.

Munira Alimire.

Announced today, Sarah Brakebill-Hacke is one of 47 recipients and 2,500 applicants of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation’s Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship. This highly competitive national scholarship will provide Ms. Brakebill-Hacke with up to $40,000 annually for a maximum of three years to complete her bachelor’s degree.

Sarah is currently a sophomore at RCTC and the 2017-2018 Student Senate President. Ms. Brakebill-Hacke was the only student from Minnesota to be selected for the Cooke Foundation College Transfer Scholarship Program.

Sarah Brakebill-Hacke.

Last week, Munira Alimire, who is currently a post-secondary enrollment option (PSEO) student, was awarded a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship. Ms. Alimire holds an executive leadership position as the Student Senate Secretary and will also receive up to $40,000 annually to complete her bachelor’s degree. Ms. Alimire has applied and been accepted to several prestigious universities including: Stanford, Yale and Harvard.

In addition to the monetary award, these new Cooke Transfer Scholars will receive comprehensive educational advising from foundation staff to guide them through the processes of transitioning to a four-year school and preparing for their careers. The foundation will additionally provide opportunities for internships, study abroad, and graduate school funding, as well as connection to a thriving network of 2,300 fellow Cooke Scholars and alumni.

“Community colleges provide an affordable first step for many students with financial need to begin their higher education journey,” said Harold O. Levy, executive director of the Cooke Foundation. “Cooke Transfer Scholars have demonstrated incredible ability and ambition, and we look forward to supporting their success at universities such as Stanford, Cornell, and MIT.”

This year, nearly 2,500 students applied for the Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship. The foundation evaluated each submission based on academic ability, persistence, leadership, and service to others. The recipients selected have a median adjusted gross income of $5,000 and an average GPA of 3.92. Biological sciences, engineering, and computer/informational sciences are the most popular fields of study among the cohort.

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