Rochester Named Top College Town, Place to Raise Children

From Mayo Clinic to IBM, the arts scene and local eateries, Rochester has plenty to offer college students and parents.

That’s why the American Institute For Economic Research named Rochester 16th out of 20 on its list of the best college towns. And Smartasset rated Rochester as the second-best place to raise children.

Here’s what the American Institute had to say about Rochester:

Home to the Mayo Clinic and one of IBM’s largest facilities, Rochester offers one of the highest levels of innovation among college towns. Like other Midwestern college towns in our rankings, the largest draw to Rochester is the condition of the economy. Labor markets are favorable and rents are the third lowest on our list. There are plenty of places to eat and drink, and students should expect a vibrant entertainment scene. And you?ll definitely need a car and a warm parka.

And here is what Smartasset had to say about Rochester:

Rochester climbed from six in last year’s study to claim second in this year’s study. Med City improved its scores in language arts proficiency, child poverty rate and percentage of population under 20.


The best argument for why Rochester is great for children is its intergenerational mobility score. No metro area in the study gives children a better shot at moving up the income ladder than Rochester. This area also scores well in environmental factors like air quality and water quality.

You can find out more about RCTC here.

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