Still need a Halloween costume?


Are you still looking for that perfect Halloween costume, even though the big day is right around the corner? Look no further we?ve compiled the list of costumes you?ve been looking for.

  1. Sting everyone’s favorite mascot. Dress up as everyone’s favorite Yellowjacket and celebrate your school pride.
  2. Ninja this one’s here because it’s easy. Do you have black clothing? Put it on, then wrap a piece of black cloth around your head for ultimate sneakiness. Bonus points if you have a katana or throwing stars to finish off the look. (If they’re real, you might want to put them in a safe place once you?ve shown them off.)
  3. gooseElsa or Anna from Frozen these are popular choices this year, so finding a costume in a store should be pretty easy. The downside? They?ll probably cost more than a homemade costume or one you?d pick and choose to put together from Saver’s.
  4. Your favorite video game character from Mario Bros. to Call of Duty to Minecraft, the sky’s the limit on this one. Grab some friends, boxes, and paint, and go as Tetris!
  5. Zombie ________ – want to go full gore? Get our your fake blood and go nuts. Here is a tutorial on how to make the gross zombie skin with glue and toilet paper.
  6. Goose poop what the scariest thing on the RCTC campus? Stepping in goose poo!
  7. Canada goose speaking of goose poop, you can always go as the menace of the roadways, the Canada goose.
  8. RCTC Student out of ideas and time? Throw on your RCTC shirt, grab your bookbag, and go as an RCTC student. Yes, it’s the easy way out, but at least it’s better than one of those This is my Halloween Costume? shirts.
  9. Student loans now that’s scary. (Although if you’re starting off at RCTC, this won’t be as scary as it would?ve been going to a four-year right away!)
  10. Ebola DONT. Just?don’t. Too soon.



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