Ten ways to win at learning this semester


We’ve all been there – you’re not feeling the class, the instructor’s not jiving with you, you feel like you’re wasting your time, you’re stressed. Instead of giving up on the class already, try a couple tricks and see if these will help make your problem class a little less of a problem and a little more fun.

1. Go to class. This is a biggie. You can’t make inroads with your instructor or your learning if you don’t show up to class. Plus, your instructor notices when you don’t show up.

2. Be punctual. Not only go to class, but get there on time. Hand in your assignments on time. If you have a meeting with your instructor, make sure to show up on time.

3. Find a study group. IF this is your learning style (it’s not everyone’s cup of tea), finding other people to join a study group can work wonders on retaining the things you learn.

4. Stay ahead of the game. Or at least keep pace with your syllabus. When you fall behind, it’s going to be tough to play catchup.

5. Get to know your instructor. Take advantage of office hours and strike up a conversation about the material if you notice your instructor was especially excited about a lecture. This usually means she or he is super passionate about that particular subject and could help you out a ton if you don’t quite understand it. Your instructor will notice when you take extra steps like this.

6. Find out how you’re doing in class. If you feel like you’re not doing well, ask your instructor if that’s the case. They want to see you succeed and will take extra steps to help you out if you’re willing to take extra steps to help you out, too. Even if you feel you’re doing awesome in class, it doesn’t hurt to double check. Doing this regularly throughout the semester will save you a lot of extra work and anxiety at the end of the semester.

7. There are no stupid questions. Really. If you feel uncomfortable asking during class, jot down your question and ask after class when it’s just you and your instructor.

8. Sleep. We know you’re busy – many of you have part-time or full-time jobs during the semester along with going to class. Many of you are student-athletes. Time is at a premium, but don’t short yourself and your brain by not taking care of that much-needed sleep.

9. Eat well. Energy drinks and peanut butter cups – breakfast of champions, right? Maybe a couple times, but make sure you get some good food in your system as well. Omega-3 fatty acids help boost your brain activity, so make sure to get nuts, olive oil, fish like salmon, and other omega-3 foods in your diet, too. You can check out a list of foods here.

10. Have fun! We all need a break. Make sure to take some time for yourself.

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